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The video discusses the dangerous neighborhoods of Sabadell, Spain, and interviews local residents about their experiences. The residents share that while the neighborhoods can be dangerous, they are still safe places to live. The video ends with the young people of the area saying that the neighborhood is changing and that there is no way to compare it to the past.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, a solo traveler visits three of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Sabadell, Spain. The first is in the north, the second is a rodeo ring, and the third is a campoamor (Spanish for "countryside"). Each neighborhood has its own dangers, and the solo traveler warns viewers that we are all at risk. The video then goes on to show where the danger is most prevalent--in the 21% of Sabadell's population that is young and has low levels of education. Finally, the video focuses on one of Sabadell's most generous social welfare programs: the provision of free housing to the city's poorest inhabitants.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, a Spanish citizen discusses the dangerous neighborhoods of Sabadell, a small town in Catalonia that has been a pioneer in the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution. The streets in Sabadell are said to be very dirty, there are poorly-maintained parks for children, and few facilities. However, while walking through the neighborhoods, the Spanish citizen sees that it is in fact a very peaceful and quiet area, and by the time they reach the end of the video, they have lost connection to the time and are unsure if it is already 4 PM or not. They then show a brief clip of a man leaving, and proceed to show a clip of the buildings in the area, which are all in very bad condition and have peeling paint. They then go on to ask the residents of the area if there are any dangerous areas, and are surprised to hear that the majority of the population are Moroccan immigrants. They then discuss how the Moroccan immigrants are more aggressive towards Spanish people than the gitans are, and go on to say that this is probably because there is more conflict between the Moroccan and gitan populations. The Spanish citizen then says that he does not know why the Moroccan immigrants are more aggressive towards him, but that he will return
  • 00:10:00 In this video, a Spaniard talks to a group of teens about some of the most dangerous areas in Sabadell. He shares some changes in plans and they tell him that they want to see the real thing later that day. They take him to see Torreromeu, a dangerous area which he films from a nearby bridge. He then goes on to talk about the history of the area, which was once a very dangerous place. However, over the last few decades, things have changed for the better as development has moved closer to the mountains. In the end, he shares a video of some of the buildings in Torreromeu that are in need of renovation. He then takes the viewers up to the top of the area to show them a 360 view of the entire area. While it is still dangerous, it is much safer than it used to be.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, four or five in the afternoon, people are resting, but aesthetically, we find it nothing good, nothing bad. From the gold ring it appears to us that many people here greet me and tell me where to go, where not to go. So everything is good. I was told that Cancún is the most dangerous city in the center. There are articles about this on the internet. This was something that was done a few years ago in the 1980s. Ego started the barrio way back when it was outside and of course it was of the migrants. It's been a long time since the migrant life in the south of Extremadura. And now there is immigration. So from the fall outside, but this is a barrio where it entered peacefully. tranquility the problem is some youths, let's go to the barrio. Let's go to the barrio closest to us. In this barrio and Gitanos together. Well, it seems that Ah sees other pretty birds from those we have seen in other videos, good. And nothing, people say this
  • 00:20:00 In this video, the host visits some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Sabadell, Spain, and explains the reasons for the high crime rate. He also introduces his friends, who are currently filming a video about Campoamor, a dangerous neighborhood in Sabadell. The host shares that he knows people who can help if needed, but cautions his viewers that not all of Campoamor's residents are bad. He also points out that there are police officers in the area, and that the neighborhood is safe for the most part.
  • 00:25:00 The video discusses the risks associated with the neighborhoods of Sabadell, showing footage of children playing in the park and discussing how dangerous the areas can be. It then interviews a man who has a tattoo of a skull on his hand and sings. He tells the camera that he does not live in a dangerous neighborhood and that the risk is posed by others there. The video then goes on to discuss the dangers of the different neighborhoods in Sabadell, with the main focus being on the Roma and Gitano communities. It ends with Antonio, a man with a tough appearance, discussing how he protects himself and how he feels about the risk posed to him by the other residents of Sabadell.
  • 00:30:00 In this video, the author visits some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Sabadell, Spain, and interviews local residents about their experiences. One of the neighborhoods the author visits is called "Campus," and it is home to a large number of people of Arab, Muslim, and other minority religions. The author interviews one resident who says that while it is scary living in Campus, at least people can get along here. There is also a lively street market in the area. The author also interviews local chivatos (or "chicken hawks") about the dangers in the area. The chicken hawks say that there are a lot of crime and danger in the neighborhood, but that it is still a safe place to live.
  • 00:35:00 The video discusses the dangerous neighborhoods of Sabadell, Spain, and the nickname given to the locals by the young people there, "chivatos." The boys and girls there say that the name comes from the adults, who call the children "chivatos" because they think it's bad to talk to the children. They know why the adults call them this, and they believe one of the problems in the neighborhood is that certain things need to be resolved. An association that usually coordinates with the police authorities is not able to solve these issues because the majority of the people living there are content with certain behaviors that are not accepted by most of the community. There are a few people who live in this world and cannot coexist with the rest of the residents, and they are called "chivatos" by the young people. The adults in the neighborhood have the power to do anything, and the young people there want to voice their concerns and represent their community properly. The mayor is the authority in this municipality, and they demand clean streets, proper street lighting, and trees in the streets. They also demand that the schools provide a better education for the children. Finally, the young people say that the neighborhood is changing and that there is no way to compare

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