Summary of The Full Story Of The Vanoss Crew

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The Vanoss Crew is a group of popular YouTube creators who started out in Canada. They discuss their success as a group, the drama within the group, and how their individual changes have impacted their lives.

  • 00:00:00 This video documentary explores the full story of the Vanoss crew, starting with their roots in Canadian high school and moving forward to their success as a group of gaming YouTube stars. Along the way, members of the crew discuss drama within the group, their individual changes over the years, and the impact of their success on their lives.
  • 00:05:00 The video discusses the history of the Vanoss Crew, which started with vanoss creating a video about hockey at the age of 19. Around the same time, vanessa's increased spare time allowed vanoss to create the vanoss gaming channel. Evan, Vanessa, and a few other YouTubers began collaborating, and the popularity of their videos attracted other creators. However, vanoss began deleting most of his videos, likely because of the time it took to create them. Around this time, vanoss began creating music for the first time. However, the regular posting of music-related videos caused vanoss' subscriber count to stagnate. Vanoss eventually decided to focus on trolling and funny moments and this strategy worked well. However, vanoss wanted to expand his channel and began brainstorming new ideas. He eventually created the VanossGamingCrew, which attracted more subscribers.
  • 00:10:00 The Vanoss Crew is a group of popular YouTube creators who collaborated and grew rapidly due to their funny and popular videos. However, some members have ended up inactive or involved in legal drama.
  • 00:15:00 The Vanoss Crew's members have gone through various levels of success and failure, with terrorizer and mini lad being the most significant deteriorations in friendship. Omrecker, terrorizer, and mini lad all have history of drama with one another. In June 2020, mini lad was hit with the horns of the #metoo movement, which led to other creators in the crew getting involved. Omrecker states in the comments of a video that he is no longer interested in talking to terrorizer. This ultimately led to terrorizer's and minnie's friendship deteriorating. In the red category, we have Louiscaliber, Racing Cats, and screwologist who have all failed to maintain a consistent upload schedule or relevance. Lastly, silentjoy, mexicutioner, and screwologist have all disappeared from the internet completely.

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