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In the "Lo Mejor y lo Peor de ECC Ediciones" YouTube video, the good, bad, and gray areas of the Spanish comic book publisher are discussed. It is noted that the company has good customer service and is trying to increase sales, but that some people complain about the format of their comics. It is suggested that, even though the format of Ediciones may not be the most ideal for everyone, they are still holding up after a long time.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, Ana, Alex, and FC's Spanish channel, repeat the "Lo Mejor y lo Peor" segment about their customers for the second consecutive month. They discuss the good, the bad, and the gray in their interactions with various Editorial companies. Alex then talks about their customer service, and how they are now trying to increase sales to 200,000 copies per day in order to not have to rely on the benefit of a return policy. Juana then talks about the negative aspects of her job and how she has to be prepared to order new comics the night before they are released.
  • 00:05:00 The author of the video discusses how some people criticize the publishing company Ecco for their edition of the "Ómnibus" comic book series, which is smaller in size than some of their other comics. The author points out that, while some people criticize Ecco, they also appreciate the company's support of independent bookstores.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, the best and worst of EC Comics Editions are discussed. Specifically, it is said that, in Spain, it is difficult to combine several formats (comic books, manga, graphic novels, etc.) into a cohesive whole at this point, as Spain's comic book sales are still far behind those of the United States, France, or Italy. However, Lo Mejor y Lo Peor de ECC Ediciones does mention that Ana has started a biogeochemical festival, Biogeolos, which she hopes will be as successful as her previous book, Animal Man. It is also said that, on Twitter and other social media platforms, people often complain about something, but then never purchase it when it finally comes out. It is suggested that, because of this, one can't trust complaints about products on social media sites. However, it is noted that, even though the format of Ediciones may not be the most ideal for everyone, they are still holding up after a long time.
  • 00:15:00 The video discusses the pros and cons of Editions of Comics—specifically, how the pagination values for different editions are the same, and how this causes many people to buy the more expensive editions. It then goes on to discuss the format differences between various editions, and points out that some stories are available in different formats, while others are not reprinted in other editions. Finally, it mentions that there are currently four editions of the comic book series "Sandman," but that the fifth and final edition is expected to be released soon.
  • 00:20:00 Ediciones ECC has both good and bad aspects depending on the time period. For example, when there are vacations, it is noticeable when there is a lot of drama in the comic book industry, like for example Christmas or for example when there is a comic with a pop style like horror. They turn their attention to sending material to their own comic-salon for their "stuff" and to the stores leave them a bit more slowly. Or, in other words, there is always a problem with one article of every order being missing. Recently, they have been told that some people are not working in the DC stores anymore. However, there are also good aspects to DC's shipping. For example, they have two-three days minimum for a order to be processed. And also, they are following up with the topic of stock. Sometimes, when someone comes to the store, they may not be able to find the item they are looking for. For example, the item "Look of Sandman 4" by Stan Lee, which is not in stock, but they request it and it magically appears in the store's online inventory. However, sometimes not everything in the store is available when someone is expecting it to be. For example, the
  • 00:25:00 The video discusses the good and bad aspects of Ecc editions, which are being released soon. Customers are abandoning the format because it is more expensive to buy it separately and it is published later, so it is no longer discussed. There are positives and negatives to the format, and one positive example is that customers are being notified of reprints. There are also some negative aspects, such as the lack of promos or stronger sales efforts to encourage people to buy the books online instead of in stores.
  • 00:30:00 In this video, the best and worst of ECC Editions is discussed. For example, comics with compromisers, where creators commit to finishing their series, are a phenomenal feature. However, some manga series that are abandoned by readers are still reprised. I, for example, know about a manga series that was discussed earlier that I abandoned. Another series that is mentioned is one where the protagonist turns into an insect. Both series were discontinued, but were revived in a new edition. The dialogue between the two protagonists, Ana and Mola, is interwoven with the topic of prices. Although it is good that they are open to accepting editorial submissions, it can be frustrating when trying to speak to them on the phone. Finally, the topic of prices is addressed. It is good that consumers are aware of the prices, but it can be frustrating when trying to speak to a retailer.
  • 00:35:00 The video discusses the differences between the best and worst aspects of Ediciones ECC. Ediciones ECC says that if the problem is with printing, they'll switch to another printing company. If the problem is with the comic books being printed, they'll change formats. Because other comic book publishers are continuing to print manga at 8x8 and half-page sizes, Ediciones ECC says that they're losing money. They also make magic or whatever. I don't understand it, so I'm saying that we're already at that point where I no longer like to compare myself to other countries. Your country is your country and your business and your circumstances. But really, in other countries, you go to another country and the English comic books are worth 10 euros. I recently saw a review for Bliss in the normal size cubon that said 10 euros for the volume. That's just a normal, average size cubon that it's going to end up being 62 euros. Here's the maximum price: 17 hours. So if we compare us with other markets, Italy seems to be a little more expensive, but the English market still hasn't surpassed it fortunately. But the boss is already printing manga at 9.95 euros. So they've
  • 00:40:00 This video discusses the best and worst aspects of Editions Ciudad Condal's (Ecc) comics publishing. It provides information for people who want to buy Ecc items, and suggests gift ideas for people who don't support or promote Ecc too heavily. The comic book that was given to stores with a benefit to bookstores was criticized for being too large and expensive. I like the phone more, but it's still big. This is the longest video we've made, and we hope it's useful in improving what we do. We do these videos to try and improve ourselves, and we hope that what we've said is true - that we have a point of view, but that we're not here to criticize. We came here to share our point of view with you, the people who know about comics inside and out. We also mention that we don't like aggressive marketing, and that we like to see the best of all publishers - always. We leave the opportunity for you to vote for the next edition's comic book in the comments, and we'll tell you what it is next month on our website, Infinity Thank you for supporting us, and we hope you have a great day.
  • 00:45:00 The best and worst of Ecco Editions is shown in this YouTube video. Some people help support the channel by liking and commenting on videos, and others are notified when new videos are made. In another video, all is said.

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