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This YouTube video discusses the concept of "design thinking" and how it can be used by businesses to create innovative products and services. The video highlights the importance of innovation in today's competitive environment and explains the five types of innovation.

  • 00:00:00 This video introduces the idea of "design thinking," which is a process of problem solving that focuses on designing products and services that are innovative and improve the quality of life for society. The video also discusses the five types of innovation, explains how design thinking can be applied in businesses, and highlights the importance of innovation in today's competitive environment.
  • 00:05:00 Design thinking is an example of its highest expression, and provides a moment to use it to advantageously shift positions relative to competitors. Many among them may have remained still awaiting normalized conditions, responding to these reasons is that Amazon has achieved 100,000 robots in its depots of products in more than 25 automated centers that have allowed it to reduce the time it takes to perform tasks by almost one day. This impact has been felt in numerous aspects of the company, including political social economic crises natura natural sanitary concerns, etc. Design thinking allows those who typically advance more slowly to be smaller and faster in crisis. The unpredictable and diffuse environment makes us willing to take greater risks and failure is absolutely possible. This activates our capacity for being resilient, in the movie character Naufragio's experience of emotional problems is resolved by using his creativity to find a solution to a problem that, in this case, is emotional. Problems are not always functional, and can also be responding to emotional needs. There are many robot applications of different types that build a relationship with the user from an emotional perspective, like Sonny, a
  • 00:10:00 Design Thinking is a way of thinking that helps companies innovate and improve their products. In this video, four different companies from around the world explain how they use design thinking to create new products or improve existing ones. One company, air one beat, uses design thinking to rent beds and breakfast. In 2008, when the global financial crisis hit, they also used design thinking to create a web portal for renting rooms under the concept of "bed and breakfast." Last, we see a Chilean company, art, that was founded in 2003 and produces and sells purified water bottled under the brand "Aqua One Beat." Art has been successful, but has faced some challenges. For example, the 2010 earthquake saved the company from bankruptcy, but it has faced other challenges, such as being unpredictable and having short-term benefits with long-term risks. Design thinking can be used to create products that are different from the competition, but it has to be done thoughtfully and with a clear vision of how it will help the company. Companies need to set goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and implement activities that will result in the innovation. There are two types of innovation: disruptive and incremental. The first type, disruptive innovation, is when a new
  • 00:15:00 This video discusses the different design strategies that the company has used in video games over the years, and how they've evolved with different game models from Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. The video invites viewers to continue watching the next segment on this topic.

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