Summary of A Refugee’s Resettlement Journey to Canada

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In this video, a refugee shares his resettlement journey to Canada, including the services and support he received before and after arriving. He highlights the importance of utilizing the free services available to refugees in Canada and attending the Canadian Orientation Abroad session to learn about their new country and get questions answered. The speaker encourages viewers to visit the website for Refugee Services to learn more about resettlement in Canada and to work together with those who are there to guide them for a smoother resettlement process.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, a refugee recounts his resettlement journey to Canada, highlighting the anticipation, challenges, hope, and accomplishments he experienced. Before leaving for Canada, the refugee received support and services to help him understand what he needed to travel to Canada and what life would be like when he got there. Upon arriving, he was met at the airport and guided through the immigration process, and he and his family were provided with the support they needed to start their new lives in a new country. The refugee believes that all refugees resettling in Canada should attend a Canadian Orientation Abroad session if they can, as it helped them learn about Canada and answered the many questions they had.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of the video, the speaker reflects on the challenges and worries that come along with resettling in a new country as a refugee. However, the speaker reminds viewers that there are free services in Canada to help families settle in and that it is important to utilize this help. By working together with the people and organizations who are there to guide them, the resettlement process can be much easier for refugees. The speaker encourages viewers to visit to learn more about resettlement in Canada.
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