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This educational video discusses the colonization of America, with a focus on the slave trade. It explains how the slave trade began and how it led to the importation of black slaves from Africa. These slaves were often abused and forced to work long hours without pay. The video is interesting and informative, and provides a good overview of this important period in history.

  • 00:00:00 In this educational video, we discuss the colonization of America. The main points discussed are the beginning of the colonization period with the audience of Santa Fe in 1550, and the end of the colonization period with the independence of Colombia in 1810. This period was characterized by the evangelization of Christianity among the indigenous population and the slavery of men from Guinea and Senegal for work in the mining industry. The classes and social groups in colonial America were very divided economically. The lower classes were made up of black people who had been brought as slaves from Africa in inhuman conditions. Many died on the journey to the mines, and then once they arrived, some were sold into slavery. The second class of social groups were two without victims. These were those who employed people to do manual labor in the mines, and those who grew crops for sale. The Spanish in contrast, occupied the best positions in colonial America. Some were devoted to politics, others to commerce, and still others were of the upper class and had all the rights. They could study freely and spoke Spanish fluently. In the new colony of Granada, the work force was organized according to the exploitation of natural resources. This system led to abuses because the encomenderos (owners of encomiendas)
  • 00:05:00 In this educational video, the narrator explains how the slave trade played a role in the colonization of Colombia. Many indigenous people died as a result of being caught in the slave trade, and due to long hours of work, many of them died. Eventually, Spanish colonists began to import black slaves from Africa to replace the slaves who had died. These slaves were not paid for their work, and were often separated from their families and forced to work long hours. The population of slaves constituted the main source of labor for the mining and agricultural projects in the sugar and cotton plantations. This topic is very interesting, and I hope that everyone has understood it. I greet you all with a hug.

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