Summary of Global E-readiness - Michelle Privat Obermeyer, Global Readiness Manager, Microsoft

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Microsoft's Global Readiness Manager, Michelle Privat Obermeyer, explains in a YouTube video the importance of global coordination and synchronization among corporate and operational teams to ensure a successful product launch. They use style guides and localize content with a person in each market to ensure proper tone and style. They create modular images for easy localization and coordinate sim ship, which involves launching content or products simultaneously in multiple markets. By centralizing operations, Microsoft maintains a great sim ship possibility for launching new products like Surface or TV campaigns.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Microsoft's Global Readiness Manager, Michele Privat Obermeyer, explains how her team prepares content for global markets by ensuring that it is globally written and easily translatable. This involves creating style guides and localizing content with a person on the ground in each market to ensure proper tone and style. Additionally, they work with the design team to create modular images that can be localized easily in different markets. Michele also discusses the challenge of sim ship, which involves coordinating the launch of content or products across multiple markets at the same time. Microsoft has centralized their operations to enable sim ship situations.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, Michelle Privat Obermeyer, Global Readiness Manager at Microsoft, discusses the importance of coordination and synchronization between corporate and operational teams in order to ensure a successful product launch. By pulling operations closer to corporate, Microsoft is able to keep their "sim ship" (simultaneous shipment) possibility great, which is crucial when launching new products like the Surface or a TV campaign.

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