Summary of Don't Get the Base Model M2 MacBook Air

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The new MacBook Air is more expensive than its predecessor, but is still only equipped with a single SSD chip. The M2 model has more storage, but is still slow. If you are considering buying a MacBook Air, be sure to upgrade to the M2 model.

  • 00:00:00 The new MacBook Air has been released, and while it is improved over its predecessor, it is still deceptively expensive. The base model has only 256GB of storage, and is slow due to its use of a single SSD chip. The M2 version has more storage (512GB), but is still slow due to its single SSD chip. If you are looking to buy a MacBook Air, be sure to upgrade to the M2 model.
  • 00:05:00 The video shows a MacBook Air in the real world, and explains that it will look the same when picked up. The presenter also mentions that if you do not like the clip, then the next package that arrives at your house may or may not be a glitter bomb.

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