Summary of Professor Fluffington's Adventures with Butterfinger

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In the YouTube video "Professor Fluffington's Adventures with Butterfinger," the titular character and his assistant use a time machine to travel through history in an attempt to solve various mysteries. However, they find themselves in trouble when they discover that the Butterfinger bar they are using as a key to their time machine is also highly sought-after by others. The story is continued in the next episode.

  • 00:00:00 In 1923, the Butterfinger bar was created. The bar's crispity crunchity goodness led to a travel success in American households. Nearly a century later, Professor Rubateen Bobbypin discovered the key to time travel which naturally led to a media frenzy. What would this mean to the world of science? Professor Fluffington told his assistant that they must protect the Butterfinger as it was vital for their return. However, nobody's going to lay a finger on my Butterfinger he said. Using his new machine, the pair travel through time attempting to solve the great mysteries of history. However, the one thing ProfessorBluffington did not count on was the desirability factor of the crispy crusty tree. As a result, they end up having a serious problem. How will they return home? Where will they get another delicious Butterfinger? The story is continued in the next episode.

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