Summary of Minibiografía: Manuel Ávila Camacho

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Manuel Ávila Camacho was born in Puebla, Mexico, in 1897, and started his career fighting against Victoriano Huerta's revolution. Rising through the ranks, he became Colonel and headed the Military Forces in Michoacán and Tabasco before fighting alongside his brother during the Cristero War. In 1940, he became the president of Mexico, prioritizing industrialization, education and healthcare while maintaining calm during World War II and establishing relationships with the Allies. After retiring from politics, Manuel shared a happy life with his wife until his death in 1955, during which time his brother Maximino died under suspicious circumstances.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, we learn about the life and career of Manuel Ávila Camacho, who was born in Puebla, Mexico, in 1897. He finished his primary education in the Liceo Teziuteco, then joined the revolution against Victoriano Huerta in his teens. Through hard work, he rose through the ranks, becoming Colonel and was later appointed as the head of Military Forces in Michoacán, then Tabasco. During the Cristero War, Manuel fought alongside his brother Maximino, who held a more violent attitude. Later, in 1940, Manuel ran as the moderate, conciliatory candidate for Mexico's presidency, winning despite fraud allegations. His presidency coincided with World War II, and he managed to maintain calm within the country, as well as establish relationships with the Allies while prioritizing industrialization, education and healthcare. His brother Maximino died under suspicious circumstances in 1945, while Manuel retired from politics and enjoyed a happy life with his wife until his death in 1955.

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