Summary of The Simpsons - Phonic Frog

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In "The Simpsons - Phonic Frog," Bart decides to have some fun by teaching Maggie incorrect words while she is being helped by Deeley, the school's Phonic Frog. Lisa tries to stop him, but Marge criticizes her for not being a good role model. However, it turns out that the flashcards were too easy for Maggie anyways, so Bart's antics ended up being harmless in the end.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Deeley, the school's Phonic Frog, is sent over to help Maggie with her flashcards. Bart decides to mess with them by teaching Maggie incorrect words. Lisa calls him out, but he continues anyway. Marge tells Lisa that she needs to be a better role model for Maggie, causing Lisa to feel guilty. However, it's revealed that the flashcards were too easy anyways.

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