Summary of When Card Games Break

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The video discusses the issue of "shudderwock" in card games, and how it can be frustrating for players who have spent money on cards that are then changed by the game's developers.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, the card game Lunch Room Nerds breaks when a new expansion pack introduces a game-breaking combo. As a result, the kids at the lunch table are upset because all of them made decks around the combo. Squarespace brings you a website and online store that lets you create whatever you want. In this 1-on-1 match, the player using the combo deck (which revolves around Shudderwock) easily beats the opponent.
  • 00:05:00 The author of the video recounts how, after spending $60 on the expansion pack Shudderwock, they were finally able to pull the card from one of the randomly generated booster packs. However, after playing the card, the game stopped being fun due to the Battlecries repeatedly triggering.
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses how card games can be frustrating and time-consuming to play, due to a card game mechanic known as "shudderwock." Blizzard released a patch that attempted to alleviate the issue by doubling the animation speed of Shudderwock's effect, and giving it a 20 Battlecry limit. This raises an ethical question, namely: If YOU were a player who spent $60 dollars or more to get hold of a certain card so that you could remain competitive, and then the makers of the game CHANGED how that card worked so that it no longer had the same properties you sought in the first place... do they have any obligation to compensate you?

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