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This video discusses the various ways to prevent occupational injuries, including reducing risk at the source and protecting workers individually and collectively. It also covers ergonomics in the workplace and how to treat work-related injuries.

  • 00:00:00 The video discusses the prevention of occupational injuries, which can be done by reducing the risk of injury or by eliminating the damage. The prevention measures act on the focus, which is the source of the risk, by substituting dangerous machines or substances with ones that are not risky. Protection may be collective, protecting a group of workers from a risk, or individual, protecting a single worker from a risk. Collective protection acts on the transmission medium, which is between the focus, the source of the risk, and the worker. Individual protection acts on the worker as, for example, with masks, gloves, boots, and so on, which try to avoid that the worker suffers damage. All these protection measures, both collective and individual, will be studied in more detail in future videos, which is the sequence of action that we should follow in prevention. First, we use prevention, which is, first of all, trying to eliminate the risk and, if this is not possible, reducing it in its source. We then evaluate the risks that we have not been able to eliminate and, if we find that the noise has disappeared, we do not have to take any other action. We put another example, which is a company that has a machine that produces a lot of noise
  • 00:05:00 The video shows an example of how a worker should be seated to avoid injuries, and discusses ergonomics in the workplace, including how to avoid injuries, how to work with tools and equipment, and how to prevent psychological damage. The last video discusses how to treat work-related injuries.

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