Summary of Waarom is je ogen laten laseren zo duur?

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The high cost of laser eye surgery in the Netherlands is due to the fact that clinics are required to maintain a certain level of equipment and staff in order to meet the standards set by the NGRC. When considering laser eye surgery, be sure to ask what is included in the price quoted by the clinic.

  • 00:00:00 In order to meet the requirements of the NGRC, the Dutch professional association for ophthalmic clinics, and the independent clinics, rules have been established by the inspection together with the NGRC. This means that there are specific standards for the maintenance and use of certain equipment, which is more expensive than outdated equipment. Furthermore, you need a well- trained and qualified team with an active safety system and an independent complaints committee. All of this comes with costs, so be sure to ask what your price for a certain service is. What is included, what is not, and how is it done? A good clinic chooses realistic prices in relation to safety and the results of treatments. So be sure to ask and find out what is included or not in a price.

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