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The video discusses the legal process for declaring someone absent or presumed dead in the case of their disappearance. It explains the effects of such a declaration on the person's estate and beneficiaries, and outlines the duties of the interim guardian appointed to manage the missing person's affairs.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, the disappearance, absence, and presumed death of someone is discussed. The main points are that if a person disappears from their home or usual place, they must be missing with a legitimate representative or volunteer; Roman law dictates that a guardian be appointed for a person who disappears; and a person who reports a missing person may be eligible for legal representation.
  • 00:05:00 The video explains the process of declaring someone absent, and the effects it has on the person absent and any beneficiaries. It also covers the case of a missing person who has been missing for more than two years and who has not left a designated representative to manage their affairs. If the person is deceased, their family can file a declaration of absence in order to take appropriate legal measures to protect their assets and rights. In order to make a declaration of absence, the person must have: 1) been missing for more than two years; and 2) not left a designated representative to manage their affairs. Once the declaration is filed, the court appoints an interim custodian to manage the absent person's assets. The beneficiary of the declaration of absence is the person who filed it, and they are the only person who is authorized to make decisions on the absent person's behalf. Possessors of the rights and obligations of the absent person are entitled to receive the benefits and fruits of the absent person's estate, but they must reserve an equal share for themselves. The temporary possessors of a missing person's videos are not allowed to sell or lease them, and the absent person's knowledge holders may request that the court appoint them as the absent person
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the disappearance, absence, and possible death of presumed. It discusses the procedures for restoring property and status after disappearance or death, and the use of a declaratory declaration of absence when there is sufficient authority conferred by the absent person subsequent to the degradation of these cases. In cases of presumed death, the declaration of death is followed by the restoration of property and status. When there is certainty of death, and the body is not found or recognized, good legal process is followed with the opening of succession. The declaration of death presumes the death of the person, and is not necessary for any interested party to file a request. In cases where there has been 10 years since the last known news of the missing person, or 5 years if the person is 80 years old or older, the second declaration follows within 2 years. The effects of the declaration of death presumes the death of the person. The first effect is the declaration of marriage of the missing person in the resolution of death presumption. The date probable or place of death is indicated. The second effect is the judge who considers the presumption of death to be improbable. In cases of a mountain, it is not proof when one person has been judicially
  • 00:15:00 National law enforcement agency indicates that one of the factors that leads to more complaints is the use of social media through which people are misled about the disappearance of a person from their home or usual place of activities. This leads to the abandonment of the family and interests of the missing person, which is why it is important for the right to be invoked to protect these interests. The interim guardian can be designated by the judge on either party's request or on the public ministry's behalf. The interim guardian is responsible for the use of the missing person's assets. If the disappearance or death occurred in circumstances of danger to life, any interested party can request the declaration of presumed death. Finally, depending on the circumstances, the legitimate interested parties were authorized until requesting three different things: (1) that the guardian be named, (2) that the person be declared absent, or (3) that the person be declared dead.

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