Summary of La Guerra del Pacífico - Ep. 6: La Campaña de Tarapacá (2/2)

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This video covers the Chilean army's campaign in the Tarapacá region of Chile during the La Guerra del Pacifico. Despite the harsh conditions, the army is able to achieve a military victory. However, the campaign is ultimately unsuccessful due to the loss of cannons and materiel, and the rise in popular discontent in Peru and Bolivia.

  • 00:00:00 The video covers the 6th episode of the La Guerra del Pacific war, in which the Chilean army, under the command of Colonel Emilio Sotomayor, attempts to take a strategic hill in order to bombard their enemy. The Peruvian army, under the command of Belisario Suárez, stands in their way. The meeting to discuss strategy is delayed due to the late hour, and by the time it does take place, the Chilean army has advanced too far and is met with heavy Peruvian fire. The orders are then given to halve the march, and a meeting is called for the generals of each side to discuss the plan. It is decided that the frontal assault on the hill will be postponed until the following day, as the Chilean army is coming from a long march through the desert. The Peruvian troops are disgruntled at the news, believing that they should have been the first to engage the Chilean army. The battle eventually begins, and the Peruvian troops are pushed back. However, they hold their ground and manage to hold their own until the next day, when the Chilean army arrives with reinforcements. The Peruvian troops then retreat, and the war ends with a stalemate.
  • 00:05:00 The Battle of Tarapacá concludes with a decisive victory for the Chilean army over their Bolivian adversaries. Despite the lack of planning and reconnaissance, the Chilean troops were able to achieve a victory by overwhelming their Bolivian opponents. The Bolivian cavalry was completely destroyed, and their infantry was forced to retreat. The Peruvian commanders decided to withdraw their divisions and head for Tarapacá, where the Battle of Tarapacá ended. The Chilean army prepared for a pursuit of the retreating enemy.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, the Peruvian army's only viable option to stay in the war against Chile is to abandon Tarapacá Department. General Buen Día makes the decision to evacuate on November 15th, and orders the 5th Peruvian Division under Colonel Ríos to evacuate and move to Tarapacá before the Chilean army could cut the route. This left Tarapacá's capital isolated, and on November 23rd, General Buen Día dispatched messengers to all directions in search of fugitives and scattered troops, hoping to gather a significant number back together. This would give the Peruvian army an additional 5,000 men, which would be distributed among the villages in Tarapacá and be prepared for retreat. On November 24th, Minister Rafael Sotomayor landed in Iquique and took control of Tarapacá City, appointing Captain of Naval Force Juan José Latorre as its military commander. Latorre was already familiar with the region and was ordered to return to Tarapacá to take command of the operations. However, he was already too late, as the Chilean army had been aware of his approach and had prepared for the battle. On November 25th, the Peruvian army was defeated
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  • 00:20:00 In this video, the Chilean army campaigns in the Tarapacá region of Chile. The conditions in the area are very harsh, with limited water and food supplies, and the troops are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures. Although the military victory is achieved, the campaign is ultimately unsuccessful due to the loss of cannons and materiel, and the rise in popular discontent in Peru and Bolivia.

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