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The video discusses the controversy around the Bendy character and the company that creates him, Joey Drew Studios. The video covers the allegations that the company has stolen fan art and mistreated contest winners. It also discusses the company's handling of the Chapter 5 fan art contest and the lack of communication from the contest winners' behalf.

  • 00:00:00 Joey Drew Studios has been accused of stealing fan art, taking down fan games, and mistreating winners of their fan art contests. This video follows up on a previous one about the studio and provides additional information about the allegations.
  • 00:05:00 Joey Drew Studios policy is clear on what fan content is not allowed and Reece's Story may have violated this policy due to its promotion of unrelated brands and products.
  • 00:10:00 The Bendy controversy began when video game developer Joey Drew Studios issued a policy stating that fan games using their intellectual property, such as the character Bendy, were not allowed. This caused a backlash from fans, who created games using Bendy and the Ink Machine intellectual property without consulting Joey Drew Studios. Some of these games were subsequently taken down by Joey Drew Studios.
  • 00:15:00 The video covers the controversy around Joey Drew Studios, which centers around images of Bendy and the Ink Machine characters that are accessible without an account or any registration requirements. It discusses how easy it is to find and access the images, and how little effort is put into enforcing the policy. Joey Drew Studios has been accused of stealing artwork and not crediting the artists, and the video provides evidence of this.
  • 00:20:00 The video revisits the Bendy Controversy, beginning with the story of Joey Drew Studios and the Bendy employee handbook render that was used without the artists' knowledge or consent. Foxygen claims that the artwork is Scholastic's fault, and that the company lacks oversight on who they give the rights to, leaving them vulnerable to mistakes like this. The video concludes with a discussion of the Chapter 5 fan art contest and the lack of communication from the contest winners' behalf.
  • 00:25:00 Joey Drew Studios, the company behind the popular Bendy game, was criticized for taking a long time to ship their prize, which was a box of art supplies. Dalton, one of the winners of the prize, explained that it took 9 months for the prize to arrive. They also mentioned that they were not aware their artwork was being sold on shirts until Twitter notified them.
  • 00:30:00 Joey Drew Studios, a YouTube channel known for Bendy merchandise, releases a video in which they revisit the Bendy Controversy. Joey Drew Studios provides a transcript of a video they made in which they talk about the controversy and how they feel about it. Joey Drew Studios interviews Bunny Bones, a winner of the Chapter 2 fan art contest, who shares that their design has been on shirts, keychains, and even had Mike Mood bragging about how their shirt outsold Overwatch at Hot Topic. Bunny Bones comments that she is "luckily the game wasnt that big" so she did not experience the controversy as much.
  • 00:35:00 The Bendy Controversy video investigates the experiences of Joey Drew Studios contest winners Bunny and Dalton, contrasting the treatment they received from Kindly Beast Games. Bunny was given £100 for their work to be sold on merchandise, while Dalton only found out his work was being sold when someone tagged him on twitter. Bunny's art was used in the game, while Dalton's wasn't even patched in later or included in Boris and the Dark Survival, but his premise was instead used in a comic book without credit. It's not just that Kindly Beast treated contest winners poorly, but that at one point they apparently treated them with quite a bit of respect.
  • 00:40:00 Joey Drew Studios, who made the Bendy and the Ink Machine song, discusses the controversy surrounding the song and how content creators are treated by Bendy's system of popularity. He says that while ex-employees were grateful for his video, current employees did not respond.
  • 00:45:00 Joey Drew Studios was the developer of the controversial game "Bendy". While the developer received backlash for discouraging harassment, he later deleted a tweet in support of the company. In March of 2021, all three of the developers were let go from the company.
  • 00:50:00 In this video, Bookpast, the company that released the game "The Bendy Controversy", is discussed. It is revealed that in early August, three employees were fired without notice, leading to negative reviews of the company on Glassdoor. It is also revealed that Pascal, one of the employees fired, has recently shared a different perspective on the company's past, and that the other two employees may have written the reviews. While it is still speculation, these reviews provide a behind-the-scenes look at the company's history of poor management and decisions.
  • 00:55:00 The video discusses the possibility that the two reviews of Bendy Studio, which were both published on the same day, were written by the same person. The Kindly Beast review, written with a more frustrated tone, mentions that the employees were "irrevocably laid off," while the Joey Drew Studios review, written in all lowercase lettering, reads as though their experience there was more of a disappointment. The greater focus of the reviews is on what they have to say, rather than who wrote them.

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The Bendy Controversy video revisits the controversy around Joey Drew Studios's game, which involved the use of alcohol and Nazi symbolism. The book, which was approved by the creator and Mike, touches on themes of racism, sexism, and the Holocaust. A poll on the Bendy subreddit revealed that over half who participated had not read the book.

  • 01:00:00 GCTV was an online TV network that focused on gaming news in the Ottawa area and promoting local developers. Their most substantial media that remains public is their podcast, which took place 8 years ago and has aged poorly.
  • 01:05:00 GameCrusherTV, a gaming-focused podcast, went silent around August 2013. Mike, one of the co-hosts, was having a difficult time at the time and the show was put on hiatus to focus on him. A full production team was started up in the Ottawa area, and the studio's name was changed to GCTV. However, the podcast and website went silent again around December 2013. The co-host was able to give more details surrounding the disappearance, such as an event that happened with his one time girlfriend.
  • 01:10:00 The video discusses the controversy around the Bendy doll, which led to the departure of Joey Drew Studios' founder, Mike. According to the video, Mike was a part of the Dirty Rectangles group, which defended gamergate, and he later left the group after he was allegedly pressured out due to his views on the movement. The CBC interview in question has been seen as controversial because it shows Mike's support for gamergate.
  • 01:15:00 The Bendy Controversy, Revisited | The story of Joey Drew Studios is about a pro-Gamergate individual who left a game development collective after disagreeing with their stance on Gamergate. He also criticizes them for their past interactions with him.
  • 01:20:00 Mike Mood was arrested for driving under the influence in 2015, but it is unclear if the arrest occurred in Canada or the United States. Joey Drew Studios and Karman Interactive are being sued for 435 million dollars, and it is possible that this amount is exaggerated for intimidation purposes. PhatMojo is the plaintiff in the lawsuit, and their representative is Matthew Karabus of Gowling WLG. The game Bendy has not released and the online store for purchasing Bendy merchandise has been closed.
  • 01:25:00 In the video, Mike defends the "get it done, good enough" mandate implemented at Kindly Beast, saying that "We innovate in other ways, by our stories, our characters, and our brands. Not by how we make our games." This brings into question the effort placed into these areas, and whether their story, characters, and writing are thought-out.
  • 01:30:00 The Bendy Controversy began when Joey Drew Studios released a game starring a character named Bendy, which raised questions about the story's conclusion. In June of 2018, theMeatly and Mike did an interview in which they discuss the story and Mike says the ending wasn't planned out until Chapter 2. In December of 2019, during Mike's Reddit AMA, he was asked about the lore changing during the development of Bendy and he says "we knew exactly how BATIM was going to end, in the apartment and the door and everything during the development of Chapter 1!" However, people are still confused by the end of the game because it doesn't provide a clear explanation for the mysterious events that took place. This leaves the story open to interpretation and allows fans to create their own theories.
  • 01:35:00 Joey Drew Studios created a video game called "Bendy" which they claim is full of "dead ends and questions designed to have players continue talking about the game long after it's release." The game has received criticism for its lack of characters, plot, and writing. The criticism is based on the revelations that the game was created largely by fans, and that the developers did not create the characters, plot, or writing themselves.
  • 01:40:00 Joey Drew Studios releases a new game, Bendy, which has no story and is only focused on the game's artstyle and narrative. A fan of the game, who goes by the name "Mike", asks developer Mike Meatly about LGBT and minority characters in the game, to which Meatly responds that they will be included in a later novel. The first novel, Dreams Come to Life, is written by the main character, Buddy Lewek, after he has been trapped in the game's story and the studio has fallen. The writing is good, and the book is better than the game or its spinoffs because it is clear what is real and what is not.
  • 01:45:00 The Bendy Controversy video revisits the controversy around Joey Drew Studios's game, which involved the use of alcohol and Nazi symbolism. The book, which was approved by the creator and Mike, touches on themes of racism, sexism, and the Holocaust. A poll on the Bendy subreddit revealed that over half who participated had not read the book.
  • 01:50:00 The Bendy controversy centers around the writing of Dreams Come to Life, a novel based on the game Bendy that was developed by a team of anonymous individuals. There are several discrepancies between the book and the game, such as the lack of writing credit for Kindly Beast and the inclusion of 4 new characters who take up most of the book's focus, compared to 3 from the game. Adrienne Kress, the author of the book, mentions in an AMA that the development process was "interesting" because they were already in synch from the beginning and that she wrote the book with the developers' approval. There is no mention of Joey Drew or LGBT characters in the AMA, which has led to some people accusing Scholastic of censorship.
  • 01:55:00 Dreamfisher, a Bendy analyst, makes a strong case that Joey Drew Studios' Bendy is coded in a way that suggests he may have ADHD, due to his shifting focus. Adrienne, the company's CEO, says that while it's possible Joey is coded this way, fan interpretation is still valid. In an interview with Gamereactor, Mike, the company's co-founder, says that BioShock, the game they are most inspired by, is the reason he got into game design. BioShock, released in 2007, changed everything for Mike and is the reason he became interested in game design. BioShock and Bendy share many similarities, including a deformed human with glowing lights for eyes who is protecting a valuable organic resource, and a protagonist who is effectively an outsider who becomes trapped inside.

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The Bendy Controversy is a video discussing the allegations of workplace abuse and deception by Joey Drew Studios. The employees discuss the dynamics of their time at the company, and note that management was often unclear about their plans. In the end, the employees say that they lost respect for management and left due to the lack of communication.

  • 02:00:00 Joey Drew Studios' "Bendy" video game is accused of plagiarism by 2K Games. However, the game's similarities to BioShock--which were not intentional--make it difficult for 2K Games to take legal action. The game's creator encourages players to copy other games.
  • 02:05:00 The Bendy Controversy, Revisited | The Story of Joey Drew Studios examines how the use of Bendy in BioShock, compared to the use of Alice in Bendy, feels different. While both games feature characters that are psychotic and murderous, Alice is portrayed in a negative light, whereas Bendy is used primarily for scares. Characters in BioShock have a history and motivations, and racism is a factor in how some characters view and treat each other. Chapter 3 of Bendy, compared to BioShock's Fort Frolic, feels like it was made simply because the developers wanted to make their own version of the game's location. There are key elements missing from Chapter 3, such as expectations and themes, that would make it comparable to Fort Frolic. If Chapter 3 was to improve, the developers could add an option for the player to ignore Alice and find what they need to override the elevator.
  • 02:10:00 The Bendy controversy centers around the similarities between Bendy and BioShock, with some accusing the game of ripping off the acclaimed game. While there are some similarities between the two games, the problems with Bendy stem from its weak writing and shallow themes. Although it may be innovative in its use of an art style, it falls short in other ways.
  • 02:15:00 The Bendy Controversy revolves around allegations of workplace abuse and deception by Joey Drew Studios, a video game development company founded by The Meatly. Since the controversy has arisen, the Meatly has remained silent, leaving his fans in the dark about the extent of the issues. Some of theMeatly's older comics reflect his feelings about the controversy, and suggest that he may have been involved in the workplace abuse. However, theMeatly's Club Meatly account has continued to post comics even after they have been posted previously, and some of these comics have been met with disturbing comments. It is unclear if the Meatly plans to address the controversies in any way.
  • 02:20:00 In this video, theMeatly interviews ex-employees of his former company, Kindly Beast, regarding the controversy surrounding Bendy. While theMeatly initially defends the creation of Bendy, his stance appears to waver after Fortnite released an outfit inspired by the character. TheMeatly has not responded to criticism or fan requests for an explanation, leaving many to speculate about the state of his company.
  • 02:25:00 The video discusses the controversy surrounding the Bendy doll, which led to the departure of a number of employees from Joey Drew Studios. The employees discuss the dynamics of their time at the company, and note that management was often unclear about their plans. In the end, the employees say that they lost respect for management and left due to the lack of communication.
  • 02:30:00 The author discusses some of the reasons why employees may have been unhappy with Joey Drew Studios, and how the company failed to properly communicate with its employees. He also mentions that there were some issues with anti-diversity behavior, but that he never saw anything that would suggest that Mike Cawthon was anti- LGBTQ. He also alleges that Cricket was very nice to him, but that after the mass firing she became a different person and started posting unsavory things on social media. The author says that the community surrounding Bendy was surprisingly positive, and that he is saddened by the turn of events that has caused so many good people to be divided.
  • 02:35:00 The Bendy Controversy is revisited, focusing on Joey Drew Studios and its three founders, Mike, Mood, and the Meatly. The video describes instances of abuse and dishonesty, as well as the company's termination of employees. It speculates that the firings were due to a difference in vision between the board and the VP layer, and that the VPs were fired due to not adhering to contractual or legal concerns.
  • 02:40:00 The Bendy controversy centers around the development of the video game Bendy. The controversy began when the studio's directors, Joey Drew and Meatly, refused to follow the orders of the board of directors. This led to conflict and a lack of direction for the development of the game. Ultimately, the game was released unfinished and met with negative reviews.
  • 02:45:00 The video discusses the controversy around the development of the game "Showdown Bandit", which was taken over by two other developers and nearly all of the work was scrapped. Many of the people who worked on the game were let go and have since had hard time finding work in the game industry.
  • 02:50:00 The Bendy Controversy is a game development story about how, due to time pressures, the developers at Joey Drew Studios changed the game's concept multiple times in the final months before release. The final product was criticized for its poor graphics and gameplay, and the developers were eventually fired.
  • 02:55:00 According to the second employee, Foxygen was not having an affair with Mike and was fired during a global pandemic. Mike is known for being prone to lawsuits or threatening legal action, and some employees felt that he did not have trust in them.

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The Bendy Controversy, Revisited is a YouTube video that discusses the controversy surrounding Joey Drew Studios and their game "The Bendy". The video interviews an anonymous former employee, who reports that there was tension between different departments of the company, and that the CEO was known for his support of Gamergate. There was no evidence of anti-diversity behavior on the part of the directors or board, though there was tension between different departments.

  • 03:00:00 The video discusses the controversy surrounding Joey Drew Studios, which involved a number of employees being laid off. It briefly covers the history of the studio, and notes that its directors (including the CEO) were both supportive of Gamergate. The video then interviews an anonymous former employee, who reports that there was tension between different departments of the company, and that the CEO was known for his support of Gamergate. There was no evidence of anti-diversity behavior on the part of the directors or board, though there was tension between different departments.
  • 03:05:00 In this YouTube video, the author discusses Mike Mood's past behavior with employees at Joey Drew Studios. They discuss how Mood would openly berate employees and attack them through passive-aggressive comments. They also discuss how Mood has a large ego and fired the VPs because they did not adhere to his vision. The author speculates that Mood laid off the VPs because he did not want to listen to them.
  • 03:10:00 Joey Drew Studios, a game development studio, was fired by its board of directors. The board was reportedly passionate about only getting the game done, even if it was "just good enough." Numerous glitches were left in the game, and the team was not given enough time to polish it before its release. The team was eventually let go, and many of the developers found work elsewhere.
  • 03:15:00 Some employees at Joey Drew Studios took medical leave due to the stressful work environment before the company was abruptly laid off. The team came together to support each other and resume reviews were held. After the layoffs, the employees took a picture with their pink slips and continued to stay in touch. Some people speculate that the negative financial situation at Joey Drew Studios coincided with the company's founder's divorce. The video maker asks the employees about the influence of merchandising on the games, and they say that it was a major concern. There are reportedly playable versions of Showdown Bandit and BATDR, but they will most likely not be released due to legal issues.
  • 03:20:00 The Bendy controversy began with the release of Showdown Bandit, a game that was later scrapped and redesigned after negative reviews and poor sales. Joey Drew Studios, one of the developers of the game, discusses the project and its legacy. In the previous video, I outlined what I believe would be the best course of action for Kindly Beast, the company that developed and published Showdown Bandit. However, since then, there has been little action from Kindly Beast, and the company's only statement on the controversy has been its attempts to cover up the allegations. As a customer, it is important to hold Kindly Beast accountable for its actions.
  • 03:25:00 Joey Drew Studios, the developers of Bendy and Dark Revival, have been embroiled in controversy since the firing of their senior staff. Fans of the series are growing increasingly impatient with lack of updates and information, and have started to harass the developers online. As of writing, Bendy and Dark Revival has yet to be released, with the game being delayed indefinitely. It is possible that the game will have bugs and an incomplete story. The firing of their senior staff would point to this likelihood. Despite some screenshots and Mike's tweets, some of the Bendy fanbase has reached its limit on how long they're willing to put up with the occasional teases as the only kind of update for the game. It is hard to be excited for a game where so little is known.
  • 03:30:00 Joey Drew Studios created Bendy, a character with exaggerated proportions that sparked a controversy among gamers. Some ex-employees of the studio spoke out about their experiences, and others shared videos about the controversy and ways to support the artists affected.
  • 03:35:00 The video discusses the controversy around the Bendy game, which started with a fan art contest in which some of the participants were contracted by Kindly Beast, the developers of the game, to create fan art. Since then, the creators of the fan art have continued to create new content, and the community around the game has grown larger and more supportive. The creator of the video discusses his personal opinions on the controversy and the games, and concludes by recommending other small indie games to be played.
  • 03:40:00 The video covers Joey Drew Studios' experience with Bendy, the controversy around it, and Joey's thoughts on the matter. Joey also talks about his illness and how it affected the making of the video.
  • 03:45:00 The Bendy Controversy, Revisited covers Joey Drew Studios' game "The Bendy", which was met with controversy due to its mechanics. The video covers the game's development and the response to it. After the release of the video, the creator says that the support from the previous video has helped him push forward with completing the video.

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