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This video is a brief overview of Psynergy, a cognitive and behavioral therapy application specifically designed for adults suffering from phobias or panic disorder. The therapy is conducted in several stages, with the first stage being a questionnaire that the therapist uses to assess the appropriateness of the therapy for the patient. If the therapist determines that the patient is a good fit for the program, they will then unlock tools and exercises for the patient to better understand and manage their phobia. The therapy typically lasts 10 minutes per session and costs 800 euros on average, although this may vary depending on the patient's geographic location.

  • 00:00:00 This video is specifically designed for adults who suffer from phobias or panic disorder, particularly those who are unable to undergo therapy in person due to the intensity of their fears or the absence of qualified mental health professionals in their area. The application is also more accessible financially and allows for privacy. The therapy is conducted in several stages, first the patient fills out a questionnaire, which I then validate as being appropriate for their problem. Once subscribed, the patient receives my first video return video, a summary of their problem with my accompanying questions and comments. Then I can unlock tools for the patient to better understand the function of their phobia and prescribe specific exercises specifically designed for them. They can chat with me through the chat feature and I answer them in video cabinet. Each session typically lasts about 10 minutes, which costs about 800 euros on average, depending on the patient's geographic area. The therapy can be more rapid depending on the patient's motivation because the exchanges are more frequent. The subscription can be taken care of by some insurance companies. The patient's pace may be very different from one session to the next, but on average, they receive three videos per week during the first month. I adapt completely to the patient's pace. Cognitive and behavioral therapy is the most recognized

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