Summary of How To Write A Communication Strategy?

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The video discusses the importance of a communication strategy in promoting and marketing a product. It emphasizes the need to address customer barriers and tailor messages to different phases of the decision-making journey. The speaker uses an example from Chase Inc to illustrate the effectiveness of a communication plan in driving business success. The strategy involves targeting small business owners with success stories and using various media channels to generate curiosity and awareness. The goal is to showcase the value of Chase Ink points and address the concerns of small business owners. Overall, the video highlights the role of a well-executed communication strategy in attracting attention and driving customer engagement.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the speaker explains the importance of comms planning in giving a big creative idea a bigger impact through media and target audience engagement. Comms planning involves addressing customer barriers in their decision-making journey, with specific messages tailored to each phase. The three key phases in comms planning are living, looking, and buying, which correspond to emotional benefit, functional benefit, and features of the product or service respectively. The goal is to make an emotional connection in the living phase, highlight functional benefits in the looking phase, and provide detailed information in the buying phase. The speaker uses an example from Chase Inc to illustrate the ripple effect of a comms plan.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the importance of a communication strategy in promoting and marketing a product. They highlight the objective of increasing sign-ups with the Chase Ink card among small business owners and the strategy of showcasing the value of points by using them to create a new product. The speaker then breaks down the different phases of the communication plan, starting with the "Living" stage where small business owners are targeted with a success story that inspires and motivates them. They explain how various media channels, such as social media and food blogs, are used to generate curiosity and awareness among potential customers. The speaker also discusses the "Looking" phase, where the focus is on providing customers with the information they need to understand the benefits of Chase Ink points. Overall, the speaker emphasizes the role of an effective communication strategy in driving business success and attracting attention from the target audience.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the transcript excerpt discusses the communication strategy for promoting Chase Ink points to small business owners. The strategy aims to provide understanding and showcase the real business value of the points through various communication channels such as TV ads, print ads, social media, and business blogs. The goal is to address the barriers and concerns of small business owners by providing them with the finer details and reassurance that the points can help grow their businesses. The strategy also focuses on selecting trusted business media publishers as the preferred media channels for reaching the target audience. The excerpt concludes by highlighting the success of the campaign, which led to an increase in consideration and the conversion of small business owners.
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