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In the YouTube video "JAMES RANDAL REVEALS HIMSELF TO OSVALDO!," James Randal reveals himself to Osvaldo as a Republican with the goal of bringing down the Cuban government. Osvaldo is initially skeptical but agrees to help after learning more about Randal's plan. The two men then depart to Burger King.

  • 00:00:00 James Randal, a YouTube personality, reveals himself to Osvaldo and the two discuss Randal's plan to bring down the Cuban government. Osvaldo is initially skeptical, but ultimately agrees to help.
  • 00:05:00 James Randle, a self-proclaimed Republican, reveals himself to Osvaldo. Osvaldo is surprised to learn that Randle is not as accomplished as he thought he was, and Randle shares that he is currently trying to fill the boots of James Randle. Osvaldo offers to help Randle in any way he can, and the two men depart to Burger King.

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