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In this video, we learn about the concept of the state of law. This system of government arose in 19th century Germany in order to protect citizens from those in power. There are numerous interpretations and ratings of this concept, with some definitions including other values and principles such as democracy and civil liberties.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, we will be learning what the state of law is. The state of law is an organizing system for the state that characterizes by equality of all citizens before the law, including those who exercise power. The concept of the state of law emerged in 19th century Germany and has its fundament in opposing the idea that the state is above all. It arises to provide some protection within a legal framework for the inhabitants of a state from what was mentioned earlier. Numerous interpretations and ratings of this concept have arisen, with strict definitions fitting only into the law realm. There are definitions that strictly adhere to the concept of law as the only value, meaning that a state of law is only that in which the law reigns supreme. However, over time and with the rise of Western democracies, the state of law appears to include other values and principles, such as guaranteeing political rights and civil liberties, democracy as a system of government, impartiality of justice, and so on. Another interesting definition to consider is provided by the United Nations when it says that a state of law is one in which a principle of governability can be seen, in which all public and private entities, including the state itself, are subject to law that is promulgated publicly and made to be
  • 00:05:00 The state of law is the system of government in an area. It is often considered incomplete without discussing the system of government in an area. In this video, I invite you to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any of the videos I'm uploading.

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