Summary of RESUMEN del 4º INFORME de GOBIERNO de AMLO: ¿qué dijo hoy el presidente? | ÚLTIMAS NOTICIAS

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In his fourth government report, Mexican President AMLO discussed the country's recent challenges, including the influenza pandemic and the economic crisis, but noted that the economy is recovering and poverty and inequality are decreasing. He also announced that the government will electrify the rail network by the end of his term.

  • 00:00:00 The president delivered his fourth government report today, discussing the challenges the country has faced in the past few years, including the influenza pandemic and the recent economic crisis. Despite these challenges, the president says the Mexican economy is recovering, with more people now insured through the social security system and employment levels now back to where they were before the pandemic. He also mentioned the progress made in reducing inequality and poverty, as measured by the CONEVAL index, and urged the public to make use of government programs to improve their lives. The president also announced that the government will finish electrifying the rail network by the end of his term, something not seen in many years.
  • 00:05:00 In his fourth government report, President AMLO discussed how his administration has been working to support education, increase salaries for those making less, and create more universities. Overall, crime has been decreasing, with particular decreases in homicide rates and vehicle theft. All of this has been helped by the administration's strategy of supporting the poor and bilateral trade agreements with the United States and Canada. Mexicans are considered to have great potential for investment and business, and this trend has continued in the first half of this year. Mexicans continue to invest abroad, and foreign investment has increased by 12% in comparison to the same period last year. President AMLO's last report card said he had more aplomb and serenity than before, feeling more in control and optimistic about the fourth transformation of Mexico. Mexicans everywhere should be happy to have him as their leader, as he has brought much progress and prosperity to the country.

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