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Ellie, a junior doctor in Cambridge, shares her study method for preparing for the MRC og exam in obstetrics and gynecology. Her strategy consists of three phases: scoping the subject, filling knowledge gaps with a broad brushstroke approach, then revising in detail using active recall and spaced repetition. Her tools include Quizlet for flashcards, Google Sheets for tracking, and her iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for note-taking. Though textbooks are not her preferred method, they are necessary for her exam, which she plans to document on YouTube with study-with-me videos.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, we learn about the study strategy of Ellie, a junior doctor working in Cambridge. Ellie is documenting her process of preparing for MRC og, a postgraduate medical exam in obstetrics and gynecology. She stresses the importance of active recall and spaced repetition, which she expects to be the two fundamental pillars of her entire study strategy. The strategy consists of three phases: scoping the subject, filling the knowledge gaps, and revising using a broad brushstroke overview. Ellie admits that the subject matter is vast and goes into unlimited detail on every topic, but she is not going to memorize textbooks on every single condition. Instead, she is going to use a broad-brush approach to fill the gaps in her knowledge.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses his three-phase study method, starting with scoping the subject to determine where he stands, filling in the gaps with a "big-ass paintbrush," and then focusing on diving deep into the details. The speaker also introduces the tools he will be using to build his study empire, including Quizlet for flashcards, Google Sheets for tracking spaced repetition and active recall, and his iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for note-taking. He explains his preference for Quizlet due to its design and gamification features and his use of Google Sheets for a retrospective revision timetable and active recall. The speaker acknowledges that while note-taking is not his preferred method of learning, he will still use his iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as his go-to note-taking device.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, a Cambridge junior doctor discusses the five tools he plans to use for his exam revision. These include his iPad and Notability, Quizlet, Google Sheets, online question banks, and textbooks. He explains that while he does not like textbooks for medical school exams, they are necessary for this postgraduate exam. He also discusses his three-phase study plan and how he hopes to efficiently acquire knowledge while working full-time as a doctor and part-time as a YouTuber. He plans to bring his viewers along for the journey, starting with his first study-with-me video in the next week.

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