Summary of Entire Breaking Bad Series in 3 Minutes

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The video shows the entire Breaking Bad series in under three minutes, starting with Walter White's cancer diagnosis and ending with Jane's death. In between, Walt and Jesse cook meth, deal to an unstable distributor, and develop a relationship with Jane.

  • 00:00:00 This short video shows the entire Breaking Bad series in under three minutes. It starts with Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, being diagnosed with cancer. He tells his wife and son, and DEA agent and brother-in-law, about the diagnosis, and they all decide to help him with a drug bust. Jesse Pinkman, a former student of Walter's, is running his own meth lab, and Walt finds him and offers to cook meth for him in exchange for distributing it. The duo creates their first batch of meth and barely escape the long arm of the law. The drug becomes an overnight sensation and is 99.1% pure. They rename it "blue sky" to conceal their identities and protect their families. Walt and Jesse begin dealing to an unstable distributor named Tuco, and Hank survives an assassination attempt by the cartel. He is tarnished by the new promotion, but recovers. Jesse falls in love with a heroin addict named Jane, and Jane begins to manipulate Jesse and turn him against Walt. Their relationship develops and their drug habits increase. Jane's father and air traffic controller attempt to put a stop to it, but they fail. Walt watches Jane die and chooses not to save her. Walt attempts to leave with a bang, but his

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