Summary of Tipos de Estrategias Empresariales

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In this video, Enrique Gomez discusses different types of business strategies and how they can be used to achieve objectives. He covers different types of strategies, including corporate, business-to-business, and operational, and presents examples of how they can be used.

  • 00:00:00 En this video, Enrique Gomez discusses the different types of business strategies. He covers the concepts of objectives and smart goals, and then goes on to discuss different types of strategies an business can use to achieve its goals. He finishes the video by presenting three levels of strategic thinking within an organization: corporate, business-to-business, and operational.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, we discuss different types of business strategies. We design personalised, attractive websites, but use standard templates and a work methodology to reduce costs and offer low prices. We cannot use different templates for different sectors, and we want to distinguish ourselves by attractive, low-cost design. Finally, we discuss functional and operational strategies, which are designed for short-term purposes and need to be aligned with company and business strategies. Our focus is on how to use and apply resources within each functional area of each business line or strategic unit, in order to maximise productivity. The most characteristic areas are production, commercialisation, finance, human resources, technology, and procurement. We continue with examples from earlier videos to design marketing and sales strategies for confectionery products, presenting at commercial centres with a small stand where we can test several types of confectionery with recipes created on the stand. We will have a person attending who will be handling enquiries, and there will be a photographic display of the product and the chef who created the recipe on the website. We will do social media campaigns with an attractive design and attractive message for our website, with the best design and best price. This concludes our discussion of business strategies. If you are subscribed to our community

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