Summary of Character Teaser - "Nahida: Happy Birthday" | Genshin Impact

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In the video, we are introduced to Nahida, a noblewoman who is celebrating her birthday. The video shows us Nahida's happy and optimistic personality, as well as her dreamlike meeting with the goddesses of the flowers. We also see the lavish birthday ceremony that is being held in her honor, and finally, Nahida waving goodbye to everyone as she leaves in her floral carriage.

  • 00:00:00 This video showcases the character of Nahida, who is a happy-go-lucky noblewoman. She has a birthday today that she dreamed of, in which she met the goddesses of the flowers and was greeted by them. The ceremony for her birthday was held and everyone celebrated with her. Nahida rode in a floral carriage until she arrived at her birthday party and got down to say goodbye to everyone. The carriage ride ended with Nahida taking her seat in the carriage and waving to the crowd while her attendants said goodbye to her. Nahida is a happy and optimistic character who is looking forward to her next birthday.

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