Summary of Germany expedites delivery of air defense systems to Ukraine after Russian missile strikes | DW News

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Germany has decided to speed up the delivery of air defense systems to Ukraine in the wake of Russian missile strikes. This move is seen as either too little too late or better late than never by the German public. Germany is also only allocating a small portion of its budget to military assistance for Ukraine.

  • 00:00:00 The German government has concluded that it should speed up deliveries of air defense systems to Ukraine, a case of better late than never or too little too late. The renewed missile fire on Keith and many other cities shows how important it is to supply Ukraine with air defense systems quickly. Russia's attacks on civilian targets across Ukraine drove home to Germany just how important its support for Kiev is. Foreign minister analena bayabok called the attacks vile and promised Berlin would do everything possible to strengthen Ukraine's air defense. Chancellor Olaf Schultz also offered solidarity and support. The chancellor assured Ukraine's president of the solidarity of Germany and the other G7 countries he said Germany would do everything possible to mobilize additional assistance and in particular to help repair destroyed civilian infrastructure such as electricity and heating sources.
  • 00:05:00 Germany has accelerated the delivery of air defense systems to Ukraine in response to Russian missile strikes. The German public has a poor understanding of the relationship between Germany and Ukraine, and the country is spending only one percent of the total budget on military assistance to Ukraine.

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