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The video explains how important it is to focus on the present instead of the past, and offers a solution of taking advantage of future opportunities. It also points out that trading is a skill that should be able to be executed independently, and that this ability can be learned in any way of meditation.

  • 00:00:00 The video discusses the importance of acting in the present instead of focusing on the past, and how to do this by avoiding trading past losses. It points out that, in order to trade successfully, you need to be focused on the present and not the past. If you trade based on past losses, you are inevitably going to suffer repeated losses. The video then offers a solution: instead of trading past losses, you should take advantage of future opportunities and focus on the present. When the market presents a third opportunity, you should not see it as it is, but in terms of your psychological needs. You know that all opportunities are unique and independent of the past, but you act accordingly based on what has happened. If the result of the current situation is negative, you should not let it affect your trading strategy at all. Your trading approach should be determined by your procedural approach, and not by your past experiences. The next opportunity is not aware of what you've already won or lost in previous trades, and should be treated as an opportunity. When you cut your losses early in a trade, you are leaving it up to your past experiences to determine your future. Trading is a skill that should be able to be executed independently, because each trade is isolated from the previous
  • 00:05:00 The video focuses on the present and how to determine if a price is an opportunity that you can take advantage of. In this case, regardless of what has happened in the past, you apply your operative procedure and act accordingly to maximize your chances of success. Past losses will be minimized by focusing on eliminating the previous loss. Concentrating on the present will keep you away from what is happening and your general results will be affected. If you are not capable or if you are constantly focused on the past, your mind will return to the past and you will relive the ashes of what has already been. To be able to operate professionally, you need to dedicate time and quality to develop the ability to be in the present and free from the past. This ability can be learned in any way of meditation. You set a five-minute alarm and agree to keep your mind in the present, for example, during your breathing. You do this every day and every time you see your mind wander during these five minutes, you gently bring your focus back to your breathing. Five minutes three times a day before meals and in a week, you will have multiplied your ability to remain focused in the present. This will also result in other improvements, such as better trading results. However,

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