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The video discusses different ghost ships, including the Octavius, which was captained by a terrible man and ended up sinking after attempting to cross the Northwest Passage. The crew was lost, and the captain was never heard from again. The story of the ship and its crew serves as a warning to those who would attempt such a journey, even in the present day.

  • 00:00:00 According to the video, in the year of our lord 1761, a beautiful three-masted sailing ship set sail from London. The captain and his wife were among the passengers, along with a small child. The ship was destined for the seas near China, a voyage that was extraordinarily complex and dangerous. Despite the good conditions, the ship soon ran into difficulty. The captain decided to head north, towards the open sea, hoping to avoid the dangers of the Índico Sea. However, pirates were active in that area, and the voyage was full of danger. The ship eventually made it to China, just in time for the shipments. However, just a few days after arriving, the captain and his wife were killed by a storm. The child was saved, and after telling the story of his parents' deaths, he returns home to England.
  • 00:05:00 The video tells the story of a ship, the "Esperanza", that was captained by a terrible man, and how it eventually sank after attempting a crossing of the Northwest Passage. The crew was lost, and the captain was never heard from again. Today, the location of the Esperanza is still unknown. However, its story serves as a warning to those who would attempt such a journey. Even in the present day, with modern technology, such a venture is still fraught with danger.
  • 00:10:00 In this video, a captain of a ship sees a strange, derelict vessel in the distance and makes a warning shot, but there is no response. As the ship gets closer, they can see that it is severely frozen in place, with most of its sails down. They approach and shout, but there is still no response. They tie a rope to the railing and climb up, only to find that it is very difficult to move because of the ice. They shout and pound on the ship's hull with their oars, but it is to no avail. Finally, the captain orders the crew to sail and send a boat to capture the vessel. They row over and manage to pull the frozen ship into their boat, where they find five men frozen to death.
  • 00:15:00 According to the video, an English ship, the Octavius, sailed from England in 1761 in search of trade in China. However, after a sudden winter storm stranded the ship, its crew was killed by the cold. Their bodies are still frozen in place on the ship, and their belongings are still scattered across the deck. The captain decides not to risk furthering the ship's journey by trying to break free, and instead sets sail for home. However, the ghosts of the crew still haunt the Octavius, and their presence is evident in the cold, lifeless bodies that are still attached to the ship's deck. The crew of the Herald, a small boat that has followed the Octavius, is able to read the ship's ghost inscription and realize that the ship had sailed under the name Octavius in 1761. This information leads the captain of the Herald to realize that the Octavius may have sailed into a dangerous area of ice, and he decides to return to help the ship. They are able to reach the Octavius just in time, and are able to pull the ship free from the ice.
  • 00:20:00 This video tells the story of an ice-bound ship and its crew who, after being trapped there for 13 years, gradually die of starvation. A similar story, with different details, was published in a magazine in Germany in 1860, but it is believed that it did not actually happen in the region of Greenland where it is supposed to have taken place. The story suggests that the crew might have been fictitious, and that the story was fabricated to promote tourism in the area.
  • 00:25:00 The video discusses the 1845 expedition to find the lost Franklin Expedition. Four years prior, in 1841, a 1-paragraph summary of the Jenny expedition is given. The Jenny expedition was a failed attempt to find the lost Franklin Expedition. In 1845, three British steamboats attempt to find Franklin. One steamboat, the Resolute, is successful in finding him and brings him back to England. The other two steamboats, the Assistance and the George Henry, are unsuccessful in their search. The Resolute is eventually freed from the ice and begins to sail on its own. After a year, it is found and rescued by the George Henry.
  • 00:30:00 In this video, an unidentified ghost ship is discussed, first in relation to its 38-year history of being seen, and then in relation to its most dramatic sighting, in 1932, near the Alaska-Yukon border. Several questions are raised, including whether or not a ship can become trapped in ice and, if so, how long a crew might wait before abandoning the ship. The most interesting part of the video is the revelation that the original story of the ghost ship was published in 1825, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • 00:35:00 The video tells the story of an 1825 drowned voyage where the crew changed the name of the ship from "Octavius" to "Herald." The narrator speculates that the name "Octavius" may have been chosen because it sounded pretty, but that the name "Gloriana" may have been more appropriate because it reflected the true story of the voyage. Eighteen crew members died in the voyage, all of whom were frozen in ice.

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