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The Summers family tree is a complicated one, with several branches and twists. In this video, the various members of the Summers family are explored, including Scott, Alex, and Gabriel Summers, as well as their parents and siblings.

  • 00:00:00 The Summers family tree is a complicated one, with several branches and twists. In 1963, Cyclops made his first appearance in the X-Men comics, and Scott Summers' parents Christopher and Catherine Ann Summers were introduced. Scott had a younger brother Alex and his parents seemingly perished in a plane crash. Scott was saved by his parents and sustained permanent brain injuries. Later, we learned that Scott's parents didn't actually die in the plane crash, they were kidnapped by the Shi'ar and Corsair escaped. Christopher would eventually meet and marry Kate, and they would have two children. Alex was adopted by Andrew and Joanna Blanding and Scott was not. Mr. Sinister became obsessed with Scott and his genetics, and eventually Scott ran away and met Jack Winter, who would later recruit him into his school for gifted youngsters and his mutant team, the X-Men. Alex would also meet a new foster family, the Blanding's, who would adopt him to help them heal from the death of their son Todd. It is revealed that Scott and Alex have a younger brother, Kate's child who was taken from her and placed by Emperor D'Ken.
  • 00:05:00 The third brother, Gabriel Summers, is introduced in 2005's "X-Men: Deadly Genesis" series. He is known as "Kid Vulcan" and "Vulcan." He is the son of Emperor De Ken and Kate Summers, and has two daughters with Death Bird: Janine van Dyne and Alex van Dyne.
  • 00:10:00 Katie Summers, Catherine Summers, Alex Summers, Janet van Dyne, and Scott Summers are all mentioned in the video. Katie and Catherine were the typical Alex Summerses, with half their faces melted and no memories of each other. Janet doesn't remember being with Alex or their daughter. Scott still kind of hopes one day Katie will get to return to the main timeline. Jean Grey, Madeleine Pryor, Beyond, Scott Summers, and Maddie are all mentioned in the video. Scott became romantically interested in Jean Grey, but she became the Phoenix and later Dark Phoenix and sacrificed herself to save others. Scott met Madeleine Pryor and they fell in love. Scott left the X-Men to settle down with Maddie and they had a baby, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers. Scott initially referred to Nathan as Baby Christopher, but their relationship started to deteriorate when Scott decided to return to the New X-Men team. Jane hadn't died, it was just an estasis cocoon. Scott later adopted Nathan's form and persona as the Phoenix, and Nathan became Cable. Nathan's evil clone, Genesis, was raised by Apocalypse. Nathan's mother, Asagna, was also part of the Summers family tree.
  • 00:15:00 The Summers family tree is explained in this video.

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