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The video discusses the opera "La Flauta Magica" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It features a performance of the song "resistirse al encanto de la flauta" and explores the idea that the composer was the perfect child, and the perfect adult, all inside of the perfect man.

  • 00:00:00 In "This Is Opera. La Flauta Magica (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)," ten children from different age groups discuss the opera, La Flauta Magica, and how it is perfect for all ages. The children explain that the story is about a prince who goes on a journey to find his true love. Along the way, he has to pass various tests to prove his worthiness. The prince eventually finds love and becomes a better person as a result. The mothers of the children also discuss the opera, emphasizing its importance for teaching children about family and courage. The children are proud of their fathers for taking them to see La Flauta Magica.
  • 00:05:00 This video introduces the opera, La Flauta Magica, which is based on a flight Mozart took to try and reproduce it using kids. In the duel, two composers will be competing: Mozart against you, the kids on this side, and Haydn, who was an important composer and had a rivalry with Mozart once. I'm going to find the piano and one moment when nobody moves, we have a piano. I also have attention to two masks because one team, Mocha, will have to be masculine and one, Clementine, will have to be feminine. First, before anything, somebody knows how to play the piano. I'm not a Peronist. I'm a piano player of all types of pianists. First, let's see Mocha. I would rather it was a girl. Sofia, who's behind me, is also a part of this side. A Mentis was a boy who also will be part of this side. He's hidden behind me. The first to play was Mocha. You can see the piano. Let's see, many men, show favor and show me, please, what you played a lot, nobody knows, nobody knows. It couldn't be known because I
  • 00:10:00 This video discusses the purported effects of music on the brain, and how Mozart is known to have had a positive impact on cognitive development in children. It also features a short clip of a man telling a joke that seems to be based on Mozart.
  • 00:15:00 The video features a performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "La Flauta Magica." The composer is shown as a serious and hardworking person, who composed music in very little time. He is also shown as a child who was perfect inside and out. The video then explores the idea that Mozart may have been the perfect child, and the perfect adult, all inside of the perfect man.
  • 00:20:00 The video discusses the opera "La Flauta Magica," which captivates audiences with its magical flute. The song " resistirse al encanto de la flauta " (to resist the spell of the flute) is sung by the protagonist, a young girl who has fallen in love with the flautist, Alberto. Alberto is in love with Sara, but does not know how to tell her. Sara has a dream in which she is visited by a woman who tells her that she must marry Alberto in order to keep the flute alive. Sara is hesitant, but decides to go along with the plan. The opera concludes with Sara and Alberto marrying and the flute being given to the people.
  • 00:25:00 In this video, La Flauta Magica (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), the magical flute, is explained. It is used to symbolize the journey of the prince to the temple of the sun, and it is also used to calm animals. There is another instrument, the campanillas, that is used to represent father ice. The video ends with the prince reaching the temple and encountering the dragon.
  • 00:30:00 This is Opera. La Flauta Magica (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) tells the story of a father who travels to Spain to find his love and discovers his father is a pájaro (bird) who has been singing and hunting for birds all along. The music is beautiful and symbolic, and the characters represent different aspects of human life. The good father is a symbol of freedom, and the bad father represents the dangers of curiosity and pursuing one's desires without restraint.
  • 00:35:00 The speaker talks about how the voice of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has a certain "gasto" to it, but it's not like gravel. Also, he argues that the opera "The Magic Flute" is not worth its endorsement because the composer was "sabio" because of it. The speaker goes on to say that the reason why Mozart is so "sabio" is because of his ability to make his music sound beautiful even when it is technically challenging. He then performs a song from "The Magic Flute" with this voice, demonstrating how the singer can make her voice sound completely different depending on the role she is portraying. The speaker concludes by saying that he enjoys the opera, but he doesn't appreciate the role of the Queen of the Night because it is too melodramatic.
  • 00:40:00 The video introduces the company, which has a soprano with a light voice. Her niece and she know the music very well, and she creates a beautiful fragment of music for herself using it. [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] At the same time, ah [Music] [Music] [Applause] No, it's not like the porter's palm [Music] And now we take all the photos and decide to show a two and three of us. We leave behind the school at Duero, the place where the parents have made me feel like at home, and where we shared experiences with the children who will never forget it. [Music] We return to our usual place at the Central Cemetery. This is the ideal setting for concluding our program about the magical flute. I want to tell you something that I find absolutely amazing - we've seen throughout the program that the magical flute, or opera, is perfect for children, but that it's also perfect for adults. Within the magical
  • 00:45:00 The video shows a performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "La Flauta Magica." The performers are amazing, and it is clear that much of the same music was composed and performed at the end of Mozart's life. This demonstrates the composer's remarkable skills and his ability to keep his vital creative energy alive despite growing older and becoming a man.

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