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In the documentary "Arquitectos del Futuro (Documental)," American architect Paul Maguire tells the story of how he gave up his career to return to his home country of Guatemala and focus on sustainable living. Maguire and his team of architects have designed a number of eco-friendly buildings and homes, using recycled materials and water-saving techniques. They have also implemented over 60 sustainable design strategies in their own lives, demonstrating that it is possible to live a more sustainable lifestyle without having to sacrifice economic success.

  • 00:00:00 The documentary, "Arquitectos del Futuro (Documental)," tells the story of Paul Maguire, an American architect who, after working in Ukraine for four years, decided to return to his home country of Guatemala and give up his promising career as an architect of historic buildings. Maguire's team of ethnographers, photographers, historians, and Ukrainian and American architects designed an exhibition in Kiev commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which affected millions of people. Paul soon realized the human capacity for self-sacrifice when faced with a challenge, and his efforts aimed to clean up dozens of rivers in his region, living a simpler, more sustainable life in the process.
  • 00:05:00 In this documentary, architects from around the world discuss how they have created sustainable designs that have helped them reduce their own environmental impact. One of these architects, Alfredo, began his journey by making a promise to himself not to fly in commercial planes again. He then traveled through 22 different Mexican departments, observing deforestation, pollution, and poverty, but also saw many sustainable homes being built. Paul's focus on sustainability has led to him finding ways to reduce water usage, capture rainwater, and be more eco-efficient in his home and office. These practices have helped him save money and maintain his city's water supply. Paul also practices poetry and poverty awareness, teaching himself to be more responsible with his money and to think about the impact of all his actions. He has implemented over 60 sustainable design strategies in his own life, demonstrating that it is possible to live a more sustainable lifestyle without having to sacrifice economic success. This documentary provides an inspiring look at how one person has been able to balance environmental conservation and economic security, while also showing the many ways that we can all reduce our impact on the planet.
  • 00:10:00 The Netherlands-based architecture firm G-22 has designed a water recycling system that can collect up to 900 liters of water in a week. This water can be used for watering plants in a balcony, for cleaning general surfaces, and for washing in a transparent tank that shows the water level in the receptacle, helping the user to monitor water consumption. The lav closet also has a lavatory with a tank that lets users see how much water is left in the tank, which helps them to control and reduce their water usage daily. The lav closet can be filled with cold water from the refrigerator that's before the hot water from the air-conditioning system arrives, making it easy to fill. G-22's water recycling system is made of flexible plastic materials that are easily recycled. This system helps to reduce water usage by gravity, translating to a lower pressure in the shower or in the kitchen sink. Alfredo consumes 50 liters of water per day on average, the average for an undergraduate student in his city. He uses an eco-filter that is a new Guatemalan invention made from a very fine mixture of clay and asherin wood shavings, which after baking turns into carbon-active coal. This coal is then applied as a bactericide
  • 00:15:00 This documentary covers the work of G-22, an architecture and design collective based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. G-22 focuses on sustainable design and practices responsible consumption in all aspects of their life. Their home and office are designed with natural materials and recycled paper, and all furniture is made by the group. The group also creates art with organic and eco-friendly pigments and paints on recycled paper and cardboard. G-22 believes in peace and silence, and as a result, they have removed all metal security features from their windows. In their ideal world, people would be free to live without fear and be attached to no one. G-22 spends their free time cycling, swinging, and painting in nature. They also collect reusable shopping bags and use solar energy to pay for electricity bills. G-22's minimalist design and eco-friendly practices have earned them a following in their city.
  • 00:20:00 Every year, to calculate their annual greenhouse gas emissions, all citizens are encouraged to plant a tree during the 21 June to 21 September window of the forest. This year, due to the rains, the trees are guaranteed to survive. In these years, the tree species is the same as that of one's grandmother's. 30 years ago, there were literally hundreds of thousands of trees growing in this area. Alfredo grew up in a family restaurant, where his grandmother started in the 1950s. From a very young age, it was obvious that cooking was one of her passions, and she enjoyed using local and organic ingredients to showcase the beauty of food composition, color, texture, flavors, and aromas. For me, love is found in the details--simple, triple, or even quadruple--and the simple things that make other people's messages resonate with us. Like every other citizen, we have a responsibility to take action in order to prevent transferring our environmental debt to future generations, no matter where we reside. El is convinced that the 22 percent of the world's population that can be considered the 'mass critical' for regenerating the planet and achieving a new revolution is right here at home. A revolution of humility that begins with our own homes, and

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