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In this YouTube video titled "Historias Innecesarias: Caso Angeles Rawson - Mangeri," the case of Angeles Rawson is discussed. The video provides background information on Angeles and her disappearance, as well as the subsequent discovery of her body. The case became highly publicized and remains an enigmatic and fascinating case in Brazilian history. The video also touches on the testimonies and investigations surrounding the case, including the trial and conviction of Jorge Mancini for the murder of Angeles Rawson.

  • 00:00:00 This is an excerpt from the YouTube video titled "Historias Innecesarias: Caso Angeles Rawson - Mangeri" that presents the case of Angeles Rawson. The video begins with a brief introduction to the topic and sets the stage for the story. The case at hand is without a doubt one of the most well-known and controversial. The speakers then introduce the background of Angeles Rawson, who lived in the barrio of Palermo in Buenos Aires. She had three children with her husband Frank Franklin Rawson and a man named Sergio Pato Vsc. The marriage ended, and both partners started new families. However, the relationship between Angeles and Sergio was more intimate, and Sergio had a new son with another partner. The clip moves on to describe how Angeles went to educación física on the morning of June 10th before going to class. However, when she returned from her class, she disappeared, and her classmates did not see her again until that evening. Despite her family's attempts to contact her, they were unable to locate her. The next day, a container containing Angeles' body was discovered in a plant of residuos metálicos. The movement celebrates the memory and opinion of Angeles Rawson, taken from her on August 11th, 2021 inside a theater of La Rivera City in Buenos Aires. The video ends with celebration and expression of grief over the tragic loss of life.
  • 00:05:00 In this section of a YouTube video titled "Historias Innecesarias: Caso Angeles Rawson - Mangeri," we have a criminal investigation of a young woman named Ángeles Rawson. The case has several strange twists, and the video discusses the background of the victim and the details of the case. According to the video, Angel was a 9-year-old girl who lived in Río de Janeiro, Brazil. She lived with her parents and siblings, and she was very intelligent and curious. On the day she disappeared, she was playing with her pets outside. Her mother noticed that she wasn't where she should have been and started looking for her immediately. The search quickly led to a nearby museum, where Angel was found. The case of Angel Rawson grabbed everyone's attention in Brazil. It was one of the most famous and mysterious cases of the time. The police quickly started investigating the case, and they found several contradictory reports about what actually happened to the girl. Some witnesses claimed that they had seen Ángeles walking with a group of men, while others said that she had been seen in the museum with her father. Some reports even suggested that Ángeles had been kidnapped by a group of gypsies. However, the fates of Ángeles and her father remained a mystery. The police never found any evidence that linked her disappearance to a crime, and the case was eventually closed. However, the question of what happened to Ángeles Rawson continued to haunt her parents and the community that surrounded her family for many years. today, the case of Ángeles Rawson remains one of the most enigmatic and fascinating cases in Brazilian history.
  • 00:10:00 In this section of the video titled "Historias Innecesarias: Caso Angeles Rawson - Mangeri," the case of the double murder of Angélica and Sergio Rawson is discussed. The autopsy results showed that Angélica had not entered her apartment, but had been there at some point, as seen in the security camera footage. According to the video, Angélica had left her regular white shoes at home and had been wearing black shoes with holes in them, which would explain how she came to be in her apartment without entering it. The video mentions how the investigators had initially suspected Sergio and his father-in-law, Patolsky, but eventually cleared them of suspicion. The case became a sensation in the media, earning high ratings and sparking much discussion on social media and other platforms. Despite the tragic circumstances, Patolsky's words from the witness stand were commendable, as he maintained his dignity and made it clear that his primary concern was for his family. The video also touches on the difficulties faced by the Rawson family in adjusting to life after the murder, with people criticizing their behavior and trying to tear them apart.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the excerpt transcripts the testimony of a witness, Mangeri, who is a portero in the building where Angeles Rawson was living. Mangeri testifies that he saw Angeles leave the building at around 9 am that day, but he did not see anything strange until a black Polo car arrived at the location later that day. He describes the car as being a police car and claims that the driver threatened him with a gun and a tazer, and forced him to go and give a statement. Mangeri claims that he was then taken to a patrol car and physically abused, including being struck with a tazer. Despite his initial inconsistencies in his testimony, the witness's DNA was found on the brooch that was used to murder Angeles Rawson, and he was subsequently charged with her murder.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, the video discusses the case of Carlos Manuel "Mangueri" Rawson, a man who was accused of murdering his 16-year-old stepsister, Angeles Rauch, in July 2014. The video examines various aspects of the case, including the autopsy results, testimonies, and the involvement of different attorneys. One of the key figures in the case was Miguel Angel Pierri, an abogado mediático who defended Rawson in the trial. Pierri claimed that it was not Rawson who killed Rauch, but rather that he was the victim of a misidentification. He also accused a fellow attorney of attempting to discredit Rawson's defense and unlawfully changing his representation. The video also mentions the autopsy findings, which were presented in the trial. According to the autopsy report, Rauch died of asphyxiation and manual strangulation, and not from the crushing machines, as previously stated. The report also stated that Rauch's loss of consciousness and subsequent death were caused by a lack of oxygen and pressure on the thorax. Despite Pierri's defense, Rawson was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Rauch. However, some critics of the trial have questioned the accuracy of the autopsy findings and the tactics used by the prosecution.
  • 00:25:00 In this section of the YouTube video "Historias Innecesarias: Caso Angeles Rawson - Mangeri," the narrator talks about the trial and conviction of Jorge Mancini, also known as Manger, for the murder of his wife Angela Rawson. The narrator discusses how Mancini was one of many individuals who were accused of having had sex with the victim, and that he had denied these accusations initially. However, the narrator notes that Mancini ultimately confessed to having had a sexual relationship with Rawson and that this was used as evidence in his trial. The narrator also talks about how Mancini was found guilty of murder and sentenced to prison.

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