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The video discusses the political turmoil in the United Kingdom, including the resignation of the first minister and the labor party's loss on a vote regarding fracking. The Señor capuchinsky says that, despite the turmoil, things will eventually get better in Britain.

  • 00:00:00 In this week's "Minutes of Hate," a group of anonymous hackers has intervened into the Class channel to deliver a message about the importance of listening to their podcast, "Parece ser hermano tonto de los garzones," which includes important topics for the human race, such as energy crisis and transphobia. The main topic of this week's news was the energy crisis, with a secondary focus on the transgender community. The government has shown separatists in Catalonia a nipple, cooling off the reform of sedition. The Minister of Finance has recommended that the poor buy sturdier bedding, in Spanish for all Spanish-speaking Georgians. Finally, in light of the energy crisis, we remind viewers that, quote, "We can talk about prices of energy when it's still not the caste," end-quote. There are now six million people living in poverty due to energy prices, and one million families who can't pay their energy bills. This is the Spain Real. Well, these documents are from 2017, and in 2017, 7,000 people died according to statisticians. Right now, there are almost 10% inflation and energy prices are at their highest ever. So, I say, again, that
  • 00:05:00 This video explains to the average person in the town why the government has decided to pass a law that allows people to change their legal gender. The first reason is that the government is doing this for electoral purposes- they believe that it will help them win the election. The second reason is that the government is trying to educate the population about their rights. When someone from the opposition suggests that the government has not done enough to help the poor, the politician will say that they have made an effort. However, only 10% of the minimum income required has been reached, and only a few people have even tried to apply for it. The majority of people who are poor are not even aware of this law. The issue of the law has been summarized very well by Felipe González, the former president. He says that there is a truth that he has learned in democracy- the truth is what the people believe it to be. He has not lied, and the people have not heard a lie. The only thing that the socialists have is majority opinion- which can be manufactured or forced. Rationality, facts, and truth are all things that are superfluous to the truth. The people believe what they believe, and now we see that they did
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the third week of October, focusing on the government's commitment to passing a law recognizing trans and LGBT people's rights. It discusses how people like trans woman Pam Pam, who make a living through religious payments, are privileged, and how the government should recognize their rights. Antonio Primero, the promising young politician who has planned to spend three million euros more on social programs in the next year, joins the list of those who have voiced their opposition to trans people's rights. Virgencita, a virgin virgin, defends her current state and explains why she does not see the need to update her legal status. The speaker explains that the money saved by reducing taxes for car purchases would be better spent helping the poor, and that politicians like Macarrona and Mola are misguided because they are not making the most of their positions. Finally, the speaker says that if Vox's Macarrona were to empadronate in Panama, it would show that she is not sincere about her beliefs.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, Antonio Moreno, a politician from Podemos, discusses how the political parties work, how the electoral system works, and how people's opinions change over time. He also speaks about why people are still voting for any of the parties. Finally, he talks about how the recent protests have been going and how the French are starting to get sick of it all.
  • 00:20:00 In this week's video, the Señor capuchinsky, a British comedian, talks about the recent political turmoil in the United Kingdom. The first minister of the UK, who only lasted for a month, has resigned due to various disasters that have befallen her administration, including the recent leak of confidential information. The labor party, which is in charge of the government at the moment, lost a vote on fracking, a controversial energy project, after protests from environmental groups. Two girls, who are apparently the children of a politician, have been caught on camera vandalizing a painting of Vincent van Gogh with soup to protest climate change. The Señor capuchinsky says that, despite the turmoil, things will eventually get better in Britain.

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