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The video discusses the case of the Japanese cult of "yuncos," in which the cult leader's wife was killed and the cult's founder was apparently consumed by "mono," or baby gods. The documentary suggests that the cult leader used baby gods as sacrifices to a "médium" so that he could eat them and revive, but the baby gods apparently consumed him instead. The only survivor from the cult is Matsumoto, who is shown in a separate clip performing a ritual to release the curse.

  • 00:00:00 In 2004, Masafumi Kobayashi's material on paranormal investigations caused widespread fear in Japan, even among people who skeptically viewed it. Kobayashi is a paranormal researcher who produced a series of books and documentaries about paranormal activity in Japan at that time. In that era, he produced the documentary, "The Curse of Kohane," which disappeared suddenly after its filming in 2004. Kobayashi's wife, Keiko, was found dead in the ruins of their house a few weeks later. The following story tells the events of this documentary. In gold and the Curse, we see the terror that can come with knowing the truth. On December 12, 2002, Kohane and Tokyo's Masafumi Kobayashi meet at the place where according to water ouija board readings and Kohane's wife's Ama de Casa, they had been hearing cries of a baby for a few months. Specifically, in Kobayashi's neighbor's apartment, which they had moved into a few months earlier, lives a woman of about 40 years with her small son Rococo. She mentions that she had only ever seen the baby once, and that was when they had moved in, six months earlier. She is a little bit scared that her
  • 00:05:00 Tokyo-based reporter, Kobayashi Masafumi, interviews the parents of Khan, a Japanese boy who reportedly experienced paranormal events after appearing on a television show. Khan's mother mentions that he has suffered from mild fevers and exhaustion since the show's filming, and Kobayashi thinks the show forced the children too much. She wonders if something happened during that episode that caused Khan's problems. A reality television show that aims to take famous people to live supernatural experiences brings comedian groups and actress [__ ] Matsumoto to a well-known ghost's temple while on their way to the interview. While they're there, Matsumoto starts to feel uneasy, and Kobayashi and the comedians capture her on film making strange drawings in the air. The next day, Kobayashi visits Khan's mother again, who is now feeling better. She tells him that Canada has been feeling okay lately without any signs of illness, but then something very unusual happens. Everything good in the town suddenly disappears, and Kobayashi decides to stay for dinner at the family's house. While he's there, something very strange happens--Matsumoto starts to draw what she's seeing on TV in her notebook and unconsciously. Khan's mother tells Kobay
  • 00:10:00 In this video, reporter Mariah Takagi interviews a man who calls himself the "super medium," who has been receiving strange messages for years. The man shows Takagi strange drawings he has been making, and tells her that he is being protected from bugs and pests by plastic sheets covering his windows. The man also mentions that he has been seeing a strange man in blue apartments recently. Takagi is afraid to go to bed, and ends the interview by leaving a camera running to record her nocturnal experiences. The next day, Takagi visits the man's apartment, and finds that his route to the balcony matches the route taken by the sonambulism of Matsumoto, who is later found dead. Takagi also finds a cable tied to the railing of the balcony, and a strange man in blue who claims to be a friend of Matsumoto's, but who has no recollection of having ever met her. Takagi is left with more questions than answers.
  • 00:15:00 In this YouTube video, an investigator discusses the case of the Japanese child abduction known as the "Noroi El Aterrador Caso Japonés." The investigation leads them to a condominium building next door to where the abducted girl had lived, and they learn the man who is looking for her has around 25 years old. He is rarely seen and makes strange noises, but has never seen the girl with anyone else. Kobayashi goes back to the building to watch the apartment, and dedicates several days to it before o
  • 00:20:00 The video follows the story of a family in Japan who suffered a string of tragedies 7 years ago, after which local historian, the priest's husband and the wife's deceased brother all died. The only member of the family still alive is the daughter who recently returned from Tokyo. She tells the investigator about her parents' community in the town of ximo [__ ], where the locals relocated when they arrived. Kobayashi feels he needs to know more about Hyung [__], and so he investigates his past as an in-patient nurse at a clinic until 2000, when the clinic abruptly closed. Joseph Losey is visiting this edition. Tourists Matsumoto visits Kobayashi to tell him that his friend who visited them in the upper apartment of his building has died of tears. Matsumoto confesses that she can't live in that apartment anymore and asks Kobayashi to take care of her until she recovers. That night, the news of the deaths of a group of people in a park begins to spread among the deceased. The girl who lived just above Matsumoto, midori, is also among them. However, besides her, another woman, osa hua, also disappears.
  • 00:25:00 This event happened just as Matsumoto fell to the ground. Several pigeons crashed against a window as Matsumoto claims this is a bad omen. Mitsunori told him to be careful with the pigeons, not knowing what to do about it. Matsumoto asks Kobayashi to take him to the town where they did demon-related rituals to avoid his death. Kobayashi is tired and agrees, but before they leave, they take Mitsunori with them. They reach the town and find Kobayashi's father there. Mitsunori performs the ritual to calm him down, and this happens. Meanwhile, the medium begins to worry and yells at Kobayashi to leave as soon as possible. The behavior of Hory changes; he screams "witch" while running towards what could be the location of the missing girl. Matsumoto and Kobayashi's stories converge; however, what is said cannot be revealed yet. Hours later, Kobayashi brings Matsumoto and Joris to the local hospital. However, he returns home to find that Yuncos is not there, and in search of the truth, he enters through the back door of his house accompanied by his cameraman. They find a house completely
  • 00:30:00 In "NOROI El Aterrador Caso Japonés", a documentary about the Japanese cult of "yuncos," two days after it was completed, the house of cult leader Mitsunori Kobayashi was set on fire, killing his wife, Keiko Kobayashi. Missourian Mitsunori Mies who had escaped from the mental hospital three days earlier was found dead three days later. Two days after that, on May 20, 2004, the cult's founder, Mitsunori Kobayashi, was found dead in his home, apparently consumed by "mono," or baby gods. The documentary concludes with the burning of Kobayashi's house three days later. Two days after that, on May 22, 2004, Mies' body was found in the ruins of the house. However, Masafumi Kobayashi, Kobayashi's son by his first wife, has never been found. The documentary suggests that Mitsunori Kobayashi used baby gods as sacrifices to a "médium" so that he could eat them. This would allow him to supposedly revive. However, the baby gods apparently consumed Mitsunori Kobayashi and he is still alive, as demonstrated in a video
  • 00:35:00 In this YouTube video, the only survivor from the Japanese horror movie "NOROI El Aterrador Caso Japonés" is Matsumoto, who performs a ritual to release the curse on her. We see the true face of the horror that she endured when she was in the boat and expelled it, thus ending the movie. In addition to the documentary, we see in a separate, longer clip that Kakuta, the supposed killer, and Jor, the boy who performed the ritual, are both alive. It is here that we learn that the ritual performed by Iun Koichi was a success, and that Matsumoto revived as she exhausted herself in the body of the child. During a few seconds, we see the true face of the boy who she had been possessing, and the ghost of the cursed woman behind the act. Kakuta then takes the child and the wife of the family's owner, also possessed, but she kills herself before the expected fire can break out. Kobayashi tries to get up after being fought with by Holly, but the recording ends there. Something that seems strange to me is that the boy from Yuncos, who was supposed to be the victim in the ritual, is shown in the documentary as

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