Summary of SEXUALIDAD RESPONSABLE: (Cuento reflexivo)- La historia de Juanita

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The story is about a young woman named Juanita who is faced with the decision of whether or not to go to a nightclub with her friends. She ultimately decides not to go, thanks to the advice of her friends and older brother. The story highlights the importance of responsible decision-making and staying safe.

  • 00:00:00 The protagonist of the story, Juanita, is a responsible young woman who enjoys studying science and technology documentaries. Juanita's classmates include Rita, her sister, Fabián, a good friend, and Andreas, who is a bad example. Juanita's classmates give her different advice on how to deal with Ramón, a popular and attractive boy in their school. One day, Ramón grabbed Juanita by the arms and attempted to kiss her. Juanita's sister told her to be careful with Ramón and that she would complain to the school's rector if he kept behaving this way. Rita was friends with Ramón and knew what had happened. She offered to help Juanita get to know the club better and to go out for walks with her sometime. When the weekend arrived, Juanita received a call from Rita informing her that Rosalba had asked her to go to the disco with her. Juanita accepted and went to Rita's house to pick her up. When Juanita arrived at Rita's house, she was met by Rosalba and Ramón. Rosalba told Juanita that she had invited her to the disco to have fun and to practice her dancing. Ramón then told Juanita that
  • 00:05:00 Juanita is a protagonist in this story, and she tells the story of how she avoided going to a nightclub with her friends by talking to her older brother. He suggested that she go to Andrea's house, where they would all be dancing and having a lot of fun. However, Juanita was confused about what to do, so she called her best friend, Fabián, and he answered. Juanita told Fabián about the invitation and he told her not to go. Juanita then told Fabián about the abuse her friend had been suffering and Fabián told her that he would put in a good word for her with the authorities. Juanita thanks her friends and decides not to go to the nightclub. The following Sunday, with the permission of her parents, Juanita enjoyed a hike in the ecological reserve Arenillas with her sister Rita and her friend Fabián. Later, Juanita found out that one of Fabián's friends had abused him that night, and he was sentenced to four years in prison. Thanks to the good advice of her friends Rita and Fabián, Juanita was able to foresee the possible consequences of asking inappropriate questions, and she decided to focus on her studies and research instead. Juanita continues

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