Summary of Cop Loses It Over Minor Miscommunication

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This video shows a police officer pulling over a driver for a traffic violation. The driver is polite and respectful, but the officer is angry and aggressive. The driver protests the officer's conduct and takes legal action, but ultimately the officer is likely justified in issuing the ticket.

  • 00:00:00 Former New Yorker Matthew Cardu attempted to return to his home in Pasco County, Florida, when he encountered a construction crew blocking the entrance. Deputy Kevin Lapointe, who was driving the police cruiser, stopped Cardu at the intersection and used his turn signal to communicate his intention to turn into the neighborhood. Cardu stopped next to the police vehicle, and Deputy Lapointe then flashed his siren and ordered Cardu to get back into his car. Cardu pulled over, and Deputy Lapointe exited his cruiser and ordered Cardu to get back inside his car. After being pulled over, Cardu refuses to provide his license registration and insurance to Deputy Lapointe. Deputy Lapointe argues that Cardu is required to identify himself because the traffic stop was lawful under section 322.15 of the Florida Statutes. However, the Supreme Court has unequivocally established that police officers can order individuals to step out of a vehicle during a traffic stop to preserve officer safety. After being pulled over, Cardu refuses to comply and instead requests a supervisor.
  • 00:05:00 In the video, a police officer is speaking to another officer about a traffic stop. The first officer explains that the stop was because the driver failed to yield to the police barricade. The second officer, who was driving past, decides to detain the driver further because he had an attitude.
  • 00:10:00 Deputy Lapointe stops a driver for driving around a barricade, but the driver keeps talking and eventually gets three tickets. The driver, Mr. Cardu, protests the stop and eventually gets into a argument with Deputy Lapointe. The stop leads to a negative rating for Deputy Lapointe because he did not communicate with Mr. Cardu and appeared hostile and aggressive. The driver, Mr. Cardu, gets a B because he did not commit disorderly conduct and the stop could have been avoided if Deputy Lapointe had taken the time to communicate with Mr. Cardu.
  • 00:15:00 In this video, an individual who has been pulled over for a traffic violation describes the interaction with the officer in a polite and respectful way, but the officer reacts angrily and aggressively. The individual protests the officer's conduct and takes legal action, but ultimately the officer is likely justified in issuing the ticket.

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