Summary of Prophet Muhammad's Livelihood (Part 2) - First Jihad Attempts

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This video discusses Prophet Muhammad's first two attempts to raid a Quraish caravan. Both attempts were unsuccessful, but Muhammad learned from his mistakes and eventually succeeded in capturing valuable goods and prisoners.

  • 00:00:00 This video discusses the first jihad attempt by Muhammad and his uncle, Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib, against the Quraish caravan traveling to Syria. The attack was unsuccessful, as Hamza's Muslim men were no match for the Quraish's more experienced and well-armed riders. Muhammad then decided to lead a second attack on the caravan at Alaba in August 623 AD, which succeeded in capturing many valuable goods and prisoners.
  • 00:05:00 This video tells the story of Prophet Muhammad's third attempted raid on the caravans of the Quraish, a tribe of polytheists. The Quraish were able to predict the attack plan and passed the area faster, allowing Muhammad and his band of soldiers to miss their target. However, the trader caravan that Muhammad tried to ambush later succeeded in avoiding him. This failure led Muhammad to realize that the right way to attack the caravans was with a gift gap.

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