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In "The End of Victorious," the cast of the show discuss their feelings about the series coming to an end. They share their favorite memories and moments from the show, and thank the viewers for their support.

  • 00:00:00 In this final video in the "Victorious" series, the creator reviews the final two seasons of the show, which ended in 2020. He thanks his viewers for their support and shares a message about the importance of staying loyal to your goals.
  • 00:05:00 The episode of "Victorious" called "The Breakfast Bunch" parodies a variety of movies and TV shows. The main character, Rex, is played by Christopher Kane, who is also known for his role on the TV show "Rob Riggle's Holy Moly."
  • 00:10:00 The End of Victorious is a parody of the 1985 film, The Breakfast Club, in which the characters discuss their feelings about tacos. Cat has never had a taco, and is embarrassed, which results in the other characters trying to help her try one. This leads to various comedic moments, including Tori and Robbie being caught in the hall, and Cat and Robby losing their vegan status together.
  • 00:15:00 In "The End of Victorious," Victorious's popularity is starting to wane, and the gang comes up with a plan to recapture the magic of the show. In episode 2, Tori tries to join the gorilla club, but quickly realizes it's not safe. Meanwhile, in the sea plot, Trina gets shoes that are too tall, and Andre tries to ask out a girl he likes, but Jade forces him to do the hammer time dance. In the end, Tori finally nails the part in a competition, and Kat is finally accepted by the club's owners.
  • 00:20:00 This video is a parody of "The Office" called "The End of Victorious." Jade marches into Tory's home accusing that Beck and Tory have been spending too much time together, and Tori insists they have been spending all their time at the Gorilla Club. Jade asks if Tori has yet fought the Gorilla, and Tori is put into a bunch of casts and fails the audition because of it. I never thought I would say this, but I miss when this show was grounded. You know a funny story here? When I started that episode, I was really really worried it was going to be a fight club parody. But it turns out it's not. I presume I've never seen fight club, but that's okay, because here's episode three at the start of the episode. Tori is having difficulties because her phone has gone all jank and barely holds power, makes an obnoxious noise occasionally, and always needs to be plugged in. People advise Tori on what to do, but Tori and Beck fight as per usual. Just get a new phone, don't give her advice, I should. Tori says she doesn't want to get a new phone because they're supposed to announce a new one that week. Jade
  • 00:25:00 In the fourth episode of Victorious, Cat approaches Jade and asks if she wants to hang out, but Jade says she's busy since she broke up with Beck. Cat agrees to hang out with Jade, but Jade owes Beck. Tori blows up a balloon with her nose. Andre is in a relationship with a woman named Hope.
  • 00:30:00 In this episode, Tori and her friends try to find Cat, who has mysteriously disappeared. They eventually track her down to a dance class, where she is kissing another boy. Tori and her friends convince Cat to come home with them, and she reveals that she is depressed because her favorite sitcom actress has died. They go to the actress's home, where they light a candle and remember her.
  • 00:35:00 In the beginning of the episode, Psykowitz is teaching a lesson on how to deliver bad news. Afterwards, he brings out a kid to tell him a piece of bad news. Robbie and Cat sing a song about how someone ran over his go-kart with a van. Psykowitz then kicks the kid out and refuses to drive him home. The girls get back to Tori's house and Tori's dad says that the actress they just visited is on the news. They see that the woman's house caught on fire and the actress has been hospitalized. Cat begins to cry and starts spraying them with water. They run away and Robbie invites himself to stay for dinner. All three men begin a tussle in the kitchen. Tori reminds Cat of the golden rule and they all stop. Ambivalent
  • 00:40:00 In "The End of Victorious," math class is practice for the upcoming school play, and one complaint about the play is that the cast has yet to illustrate half of the cast's scripts. Math teacher warns the students that if they don't date, they will get an "F" for the semester. Tori and Jade decide to sing a karaoke song called "Take a Hint" to avoid the men who are hitting on them, but their date ends abruptly when one of the men gets a chat infection. The song "Hot Tech" by Liz Gillies and Victoria Justice is a hit with the students, and one of the lyrics that catches their attention is the line "I guess that you don't get it so let's take it from the top." The students are reminded of one of Victoria Justice's famous quotes, "I might not dance like Michael Jackson, but I will give the best of me."
  • 00:45:00 In the video, Tori's mother has cooked all the food they have in the house leaving Tori with only a tomato skin to eat, and her friends offer to give her a ride to school, but Tori is tired of being unsafe and uncomfortable. Cat comes in and offers to give her a ride, and when Tori asks where they're going, Jade reveals that they're going to a faraway place where there isn't much. Tori decides to walk the rest of the way to school.
  • 00:50:00 In this episode, Tori and her friends are discussing how Trina got into Hollywood Arts. After various stories, it is revealed that Trina auditioned four years ago and was rejected, but put a challenge to the people on the board and if she won, she could go to the school. Beck says Trina's story is the most consistent with the show's canon, and that cycloids can tell the story accurately. My biggest takeaway from the episode is that the time loop has been going on for a long time.
  • 00:55:00 This episode is the season finale, and it contains several revelations about the characters. Tori's mother is cheating on her father with a cop, and Tori's friends try to comfort her about it. Jade gets revenge on Cat by shaving her head, and Tori and Trina are taken home by a spare cop. In the student comedy "The Blonde Squad," Tori and Jade film a scene where Cat hits it off with a hot guy and ends up having a second date. When Tori asks Cat about how he reacted to finding out she was wearing a wig, Cat says that it didn't come up. Robbie is increasingly jealous during the episode, insisting that he doesn't think Cat should be dating this guy, although he continues to help her put the wig back on because he thinks it's his duty as Cat's friend. Finally, in the episode's finale, Tori and Trina go to a movie with their parents.

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The YouTube video "The End of Victorious" discusses the end of the show and its characters. The creator notes that while the show is technically still going on, it is ending soon and that most of the characters on the show are unrecognizable due to their age and the poor condition of their images. He argues that this is a good visual metaphor for the limited hot takes that characters who have only seen the first season of the show have based on what they have seen.

  • 01:00:00 In the 1996 episode of "Victorious," a teenage Tori is picked as the breakout artist for the year, despite her best friend Cat's protests. Tori's friends Jade and Andre try to help her adjust to her newfound fame, but the pressure gets to her and she accidentally ruins her chance at fame by assaulting a character on TV. In the b plot, Ariana Grande is not famous and is addicted to Bibble Cat, a dish made from salt and Bibble, a type of cat food. Tori's life is derailed when paparazzi break into her school and take photos of her. Tori meets with the producers of "Victorious" and they tell her that her transformation is almost complete. She now looks like a pop star, but she needs to be truly awful before people will listen to her music. Tori goes to a local restaurant and throws a hissy fit, assaulting an actor who is dressed like a cop. Finally, Tori is able to muster ambivalence, which allows her to stay calm in difficult situations.
  • 01:05:00 The final episode of "Victorious" focuses on the aftermath of Tori's big song reveal, with the characters reacting to her newfound fame. Jade and Tori become friends, and Robbie and Andre are revealed to have been planning to replace Tori all along.
  • 01:10:00 In this YouTube video, the creator of the "Victorious" series discusses the end of the show and its characters. The creator notes that while the show is technically still going on, it is ending soon and that most of the characters on the show are unrecognizable due to their age and the poor condition of their images. He argues that this is a good visual metaphor for the limited hot takes that characters who have only seen the first season of the show have based on what they have seen.
  • 01:15:00 In Season 3 of the show, writers wrote a story about horrible things that had happened in Lubert's past, accidentally reckoning that Lubert has a sympathetic origin story. Specifically, when Lubert was younger, he was in an extremely abusive relationship with a woman, which left him physically deformed and anti-social. When you learn this part of his origin, you're like wow all these people who are mean to Lubert are the worst. The reason I'm bringing all this up is that in my opinion, at this stage, the exact same thing has happened to Trina, this is a character who was supposed to be annoying, who was mean to people around her, but by this point in the show, she has been completely retconned on accident, and now has a sympathetic origin story that origin story being that no one in Trina's entire life has ever shown her any kind of affection, including and especially her parents, who secretly do not love her. Let's make something clear: the origin stories for the characters in victorious are purposefully ambiguous, and that's one of the reasons that it's popular. Every person who does what I have done comes up with their own hot takes about why these characters act this way, where they came from
  • 01:20:00 Jade is the most popular character in Victorious and many people speculate on her relationships. Beck and Jade have a complicated relationship, with Jade being more willing to be emotionally vulnerable with Tori, a person she hates.
  • 01:25:00 The music in Victorious has improved significantly since the first two seasons, sounding more like modern pop music rather than90s style parodies. One example is the song "Five Fingers to the Face," which is a style parody of Miley Cyrus' song "Make It More" from 2008.
  • 01:30:00 In the year 2012, Cyrus has ended. Take a hint, that song is goat. Moving on, Andre is mainly defined by his strong emotions and how those feelings often loop back into his music. His main passion in life is music, so it's not really surprising that any time he gets into a relationship, it ends up being an excuse for him to create music. There is one episode in particular where this is implied. Robbie is also barely present in Victoria Season 3, and for a brief moment, Rex is the only character present. The main reason Rex was dropped was because lip syncing a puppet to pre-recorded audio was holding back Matt Bennett's performance. As the show was coming to a close, it must have seemed fair to drop the puppet and let Robbie just be Robbie. However, the writers of Victoria Season 3 never really figured out who Robbie was outside of the Rex dynamic, and if an episode just has Robbie, how do you fill the dead air? The answer was apparently to turn him into Psychowicz Jr. in other words, throughout the course of this season, the writers occasionally have implied things about Robbie which they have refused to elaborate on to illustrate this. I now want to discuss two running jokes with the character which were introduced in
  • 01:35:00 Season 3 introduces Birth, a sidekick for Sinjin who improves Sinjin's character. However, some plot details about his character are left unexplained, leading the author to believe that he was replaced by a different actor.
  • 01:40:00 In the final episode of Victorious, the character Cat's Brother is introduced and his role is explained. He is a mysterious force who has been mentioned frequently throughout the series but we never see him directly. Cat's Brother is simple and predictable; Cat will interrupt otherwise normal conversations with sentences that typically start with "my brother," before trailing off in a ridiculous direction.
  • 01:45:00 Henry Danger meets its end in season 3, as Captain Man and Kid Danger are possessed by Frankini, an internet celebrity known for sketch comedy, live streams, and online clout. After the reveal, Henry Danger fans must get used to Goomer, a character from the failed show Sam & Cat who works for Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine at their daycare.
  • 01:50:00 In the second part of the "The End of Victorious" video, Henry Danger's sister figures out what's happening and tries to stop Frankini from reaching his 10 million viewer goal. Throughout the episode, she watches videos of people popping large pimples and comes up with a plan to use Henry and Captain Man's popping of a gigantic pimple to divert viewers from the live stream. However, some of Henry's friends in the superhero hideout turn off the power to the town, freeing the heroes, and as revenge they take Frankini to Henry's house and pop the pimple onto him, leaving him covered in a thick, glistening paste. I have to honestly thank this show for restoring some part of the humanity that I feel like I have lost during this saga.
  • 01:55:00 In the future, "The End of Victorious" has faded into obscurity and Henry Danger continuously refuses to face a dignifying death, so with that, we now have reviewed the final character on the victorious pinboard- Rex. Although there are some clues here and there to support the idea that Rex is alive, the biggest piece of evidence can be found in a show "slightly tangential" to Henry Danger- "Shakers." In episode 5 of Shakers, an actor and musician named Matt Bennett cameoed as himself. This cameo is important because it ties the show in the Nickelodeon sitcom universe. Furthermore, it also disproves the theory that this episode can be said in the nsu metaverse because logically Christopher Kane would be driving the car.

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The YouTube video "The End of Victorious" discusses the history of the Slap website and its various controversies. One such controversy was the fact that some videos were still accessible even after the website was taken down. Quentin describes how he was able to access the videos using a method that was accidentally left up.

  • 02:00:00 The video discusses how to make long videos, including developing a caffeine addiction, and how to pay editors. It offers a sneak peak at upcoming videos, including one that is five hours long.
  • 02:05:00 The video covers the history of Nickelodeon's official tie-in website, The site was created in the early 2010s, but has since been taken down. In the past, was a site where characters from the show would post social media updates and fan fiction. However, in 2018, the site was suddenly taken down. The video discusses how the site worked in the real world before it was taken down, and how it represented different eras of internet content.
  • 02:10:00 The video discusses the history of "Victorious," which featured a cast of characters that regularly posted videos in character. In 2010, when the iPad was released, some of these videos were archived on YouTube by accident.
  • 02:15:00 The YouTube video "The End of Victorious" discusses the history of the Slap website and its various controversies. One such controversy was the fact that some videos were still accessible even after the website was taken down. Quentin describes how he was able to access the videos using a method that was accidentally left up.
  • 02:20:00 The author discusses the differences between the original, lower quality videos of Slap and the subsequent, higher quality videos of the series. He explains that despite the sacrifices he made in order to make the videos look good, the final product is still enjoyable. He also mentions that he will be streaming again soon to give live reactions to the series.
  • 02:25:00 The slap video provides a more detailed look at the show's characters, showing how they have changed over time. The video is useful for understanding the show's characters and their relationships better.
  • 02:30:00 In this video, Kat reviews some of the requests she has received on her Slap channel. She discusses how the characters in the Slap show can be different in real life and on social media.
  • 02:35:00 The video follows the characters' profiles as they introduce themselves on the "slap website" which was first uploaded in March 2010. This video features Tori introducing her character, Trina, and discusses her insecurities. Beck's profile features his girlfriend's lack of boundaries and lack of respect for boundaries in general. Jade's profile features her character's edginess and her refusal to conform to social media norms. Robbie's profile features his talent as a songwriter and musician, and his relationship with his father. Finally, Matt Bennett's profile features his stand-up comedy and music.
  • 02:40:00 The video profiles singer Cat Valentine and discusses her unique slap profile. Cat's slap videos are some of the most popular on the show, and Ariana Grande is the most popular performer among them. Cat credits Ariana with helping to make her videos "eternal."
  • 02:45:00 The video starts by listing some of Katarina's personal head canons, including her full name and the fact that her hair color is not natural. It then goes on to talk about Katarina's character, Andre, and his development over the course of the series. Finally, the video ends with a summary of Trina's videos.
  • 02:50:00 The video discusses the slap season one finale, in which the characters Cat and Jade must come up with digital content for Victorious for the show's online presence, while at the same time staying different from the content on ICarly. Two memorable examples of this are Cat's What I Hate series and Jade's ramblings about random things. Drive-by Acting is the main contribution that Cycloids makes to the website.
  • 02:55:00 <could not summarize>

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In "The End of Victorious", Sinjin vanquief presents four videos from the beginning of season one of his talk puppet show "The End of Victorious". All of the videos are bizarre and shocking, and they serve as a warning to viewers that the show will only get weirder and more shocking from here on out.

  • 03:00:00 Sinjin creates a video about his favorite pop star, Lady Gaga, and interviews her. He discusses her music and her smell.
  • 03:05:00 Sinjin vanquief presents four videos from the beginning of season one of his talk puppet show "The End of Victorious." All of the videos are bizarre and shocking, and they serve as a warning to viewers that the show will only get weirder and more shocking from here on out.
  • 03:10:00 The video discusses how a weird moment from early in Cat's Random Thoughts's history has continued to get worse, culminating in a series of comments about performing arts that are not actually performing.
  • 03:15:00 Victorious premiered on April 2, 2011, and the first episode featured Robbie begging Jade to do his algebra homework. In the second episode, Robert takes off his shoe to reveal one big toe. The third and final episode of season one aired on May 9, 2011. Season two premiered on April 2, 2012, and featured the first appearance of the pear-shaped phone props.
  • 03:20:00 In the video, Beck's girlfriend Jade talks about Sinjin, who she thinks is in love with her. Sinjin interrupts and explains that it's a joke. Sinjin then introduces a new segment called "Pointless Character Retcons from" In the first episode of this segment, Sinjin's infatuation with Jade is revealed. The second episode features Sinjin acting out a fantasy of Jade suddenly professing her love to him.
  • 03:25:00 In this video, Trina explains that she won't be uploading anymore videos because she's been receiving cruel comments online. Trina reads through some of the comments and one person writes a nice comment. Trina says that she won't be friendless anymore because she has some decent friends, but explains that some people don't like her because she's scary. We then see a new recurring segment called the Funny Nugget Show in which Cat reads tweets from the account. The first segment is about Tori and Cat being closer friends than they appear to be on the show and the second segment is about Tori and Kat recording funny noises together. Trina ends the video by talking about Tweet Time with Cat, which is a series where Kat only allows herself to talk about a topic for 10 seconds at a time.
  • 03:30:00 In the third video of Jade's What I Hate series, Cat reveals that she is a Trekkie. This information is not relevant to the slap, and is only included to make Jade's series seem more canon.
  • 03:35:00 In this video, Sinjin plays the role of a dentist chastising Tori for not taking care of her teeth. This might seem random, but it's a gag from Season 1 of the show where Sinjin has a teeth collection.
  • 03:40:00 In the third season of Slap, Beck and Jade have a nasty breakup and from here on out, the two don't appear together in slap videos. In episode 4, Cat uses the breakup as a means to get closer to Jade, something she's evidently wanted for a long time. The antics Cat's in attempting to properly befriend Jade are rarely seen for the rest of the season, but they are featured heavily in
  • 03:45:00 In the video, Cat tells Jade a joke, which Jade belittles. Cat and Jade argue about everything, and Jade is mean to everyone. In the end, Cat has a random freak out.
  • 03:50:00 In the final episode of Victorious, Tori tries to make Beck's hair look bad, but ends up admitting defeat. Later, Beck cooks a soup for Tori and Robbie, but their venture is cut short when their guitar is destroyed. However, the pair continue to post duets after this, all themed around other pieces of bad news that the audience at home might be going through. It's funny to think about it this way, but if you were to compile all of the songs that Ariana Grande recorded for Victorious, probably more than half of them were done for the slap never recorded professionally and never released on any album.
  • 03:55:00 In this video, Sinjin talks about meeting Ryan Seacrest at a party, and agreeing to do a reality show with him in exchange for his girlfriend.

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This video discusses the end of the popular TV show "Victorious." The cast and crew share their thoughts on the show's ending and what it was like to work on the show.

  • 04:00:00 The video discusses the character "birth," who was originally supposed to appear in an early season 3 episode but was cut from the final script. Birth was later properly introduced in the episode "The Worst Couple."
  • 04:05:00 In the video, "The End of Victorious", light bulb moment analyst Darsan Solomon shares that early on in the history of "Victorious", the actors on the show began a running joke that it would be funny to have a character on the show named Birf. The clip of darson on a recent podcast appearance reveals that birf's full name is Birth Defect. Later, in season three, something happens and birf's backstory and history on the show are revealed. Birth becomes the new Birf and the character's appearances become more sporadic.
  • 04:10:00 The video discusses the ending of Victorious, in which it is revealed that the unnamed cameraman and birth are the same character. Birth does not appear in any slap videos after this, and it is unknown why the cast came up with the name "birth defect."
  • 04:15:00 In the final episode of Victorious, the slap makes a few references to the fact that Robbie is the magician in his free time. In the first skit, Kat and Robbie try to do magic but it doesn't go well, and in the second skit, they perform a magic trick that's similar to one that Robbie did in the Wii RPG.
  • 04:20:00 In this video, various people (including Tori and Robbie) discuss various songs. Tori says that Andre recently made a bet with her that he could write a love song about any topic, and she's decided to call his bluff. Trina comes out and pulls out various random words, and Andre has to use all of them in a love song. If he can't, he has to admit defeat. Tori says that our love is coming to the surface and bursting like a pimple in the sky.
  • 04:25:00 In this video, Shinjin Trina and Tori take requests from Slap Friends Sarah Bell and Dory. Trina is trying to make some quick money by selling Tori's embarrassing personal items, and Tori eventually finds them and throws a fit.
  • 04:30:00 The video discusses the end of the popular magic show "Victorious." The narrator, who identifies as dyslexic, explains that watching the show for six or seven months has become an ingrained part of his life. Despite this, he is aware that the show can end and he is excited for Season 4 to air.
  • 04:35:00 <could not summarize>
  • 04:40:00 In this episode of "Victorious," the gang gets out of hiding to try and figure out a plan to rob the warehouse, but they quickly realize that they don't have enough money for the rest of the warehouse. They then come up with a plan to have one of them go through the laser beams disguised as a bin, but Robbie gets injured and has to be saved by the others. Later, at a sushi restaurant, Robbie gets a free dessert because he is the Hambone King.
  • 04:45:00 In this episode, Tori and her friends Beck and Tory try to figure out what she is doing tomorrow night. Tori eventually reveals that she is going to training to be a better hambone fighter. Tory is upset that she will not be able to participate, but Beck and Tori make up.
  • 04:50:00 In this episode, the boys try to build a bathroom, Robbie and Andre try to shoot a video, and Tori and Beck bicker. Jade and Robby try to hang out, but things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, Sinjin records his own video, Tory and Beck try to get Moose to fall for them, and Tori shows up in hockey gear.
  • 04:55:00 In this video, the characters of Victorious sing a modern-sounding song. Tori reveals that she has been missing some school work, and Beck tries to help her with that. Jade is kidnapped by Moose, and the rest of the gang tries to get her back. In the end, Tori and Cat get their phones back, and Beck offers to let the kids early grades in his class if they can complete a challenge. Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Gary's father is talking to the police on the phone.

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In the final episode of Victorious, the boys win a bet with the girls by going the longest without using modern technology. Cat goes crazy and tries to break the boys, but is unsuccessful. The next day, Robbie comes to practice wearing a ridiculous costume and challenges the girls to take a photo and post it online. The girls are victorious, and they all get their phones back.

  • 05:00:00 In this episode, the boys win a bet with psychowitz by winning who can go longest without modern technology. Cat goes crazy and tries to break the boys before they can get their phones back, but is unsuccessful. The next day, Robbie comes into practice wearing a ridiculous costume and challenges the girls to take a photo and post it online. Psykowitz tells the girls that he's done with the competition, and if they want their phones they can have them. That's it, everyone wins! This is easily the best episode in a while and I'll take four seasons of episodes like this over any ship story lines fight me.
  • 05:05:00 In this episode, Robbie asks Cat to the school dance, but she is uncomfortable with the idea and runs away from him. Robbie asks his classmate Gabriella to the dance instead, and she says she just wanted to let him know he doesn't have to run away from her anymore.
  • 05:10:00 In this episode, Tori has a job that eats up a lot of her time, and Cat tells her friends that she's upset that Robbie is on a date with another girl. Cat tries to dance with Sinjin to make Robbie jealous, but he doesn't seem to take much notice. Shinjin kicks Cat in the face, and they bring in Alexander to help her. Everyone goes back to the dance, except for Robbie, who says he wants to watch over Cat. Cat says Robby should go be with his quote "dumb date." Senjen puts on one of his classic sock puppet shows, and Cat says she's sorry for getting kicked in the head. Robbie asks if he can tell Cat a secret, and when she comes in close, he kisses her. Kat becomes upset and runs off, getting on her bike and riding home. Robbie is unsure of what that night meant for both of them.
  • 05:15:00 In the video, the narrator recalls some forgotten details from past videos, including the fact that Justin Bieber was a guest on a series of Victorious premieres in 2011. He points out that this was an easy way for the showrunners to avoid dealing with ship episodes, as they could just market them as non-ship episodes. He also recalls a funny story about kissing a girl for the first time at age 11.
  • 05:20:00 In a recent stream, a Victory's cast member revealed that there are actually 20 lost episodes of the show, some of which feature Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. While this information is not new to fans, it is interesting to know that the show's creator is aware of these episodes and has never released them to the public.
  • 05:25:00 The YouTube video "The End of Victorious" is a compilation of clips from episodes of Victory who's finale was filmed in July of 2012 but never aired. Some of the clips include Ariana Grande and The Weeknd, who both guest starred on the show, and discuss their song collaborations. Additionally, Matt Bennett, the show's creator, discusses various inconsistencies in his story. The two most notable inconsistencies are the fact that the show was cancelled in August of 2012, which would mean that there would have been enough time to record two seasons of extra material, and the fact that the Hambone King, an episode featuring a musical guest, was one of the last episodes filmed.
  • 05:30:00 In this video, the creator of Zoe 101 discusses the end of the show and how it is not remembered correctly. He points out that the cast of Victorious is not immune to forgetting episodes or storylines, and that the reason no new episodes have been released is because the show is finished and done. He also jokes about how Robby might be related to Fran Fine from the Nanny.
  • 05:35:00 The video explains how Victory Road was filmed in a Los Angeles studio, and how the hollywood sign can be seen in the background.
  • 05:40:00 The video is of the cast of Victorious doing a photo shoot at Universal CityWalk in 2010. A few of the girls talk about each other, with Liz noting that Ariana is obsessed with taking photos. Victoria jokes that this is a good influence on her, as she typically only eats junk food. Ariana's fact about Liz is that she takes photos even when people don't want to be photographed. Finally, Liz's fact about Ariana is that she loves to sing.
  • 05:45:00 The video discusses the lasting legacy of Victorious, which many view as a teen sitcom about a teenager who will one day become a pop star. However, some people use the clip of Victoria Justice singing as an excuse to not blame Nickelodeon or the writers or producers of the show. Victoria Justice occasionally meets up with Ariana Grande, and the internet is so bored that they want them to hate each other.
  • 05:50:00 <could not summarize>
  • 05:55:00 In this episode, Robbie is considering selling his puppet Rex, and several plots are developed, including a possible romance between Jade and André, Tory's attempt to get revenge on the flower bomber, and Cat's attempt to make a new food that will be more successful than her current hot dog stand. Meanwhile, Robbie is attacked by the flower bomber and Cat comes up with a plan to get Rex back.

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In the final episode of Victorious, Tori bares her soul about her experience with the finale of American Idol, and reveals that it's an in-universe parody of the show. The episode ends with Tori and her friends discussing her career past Victorious.

  • 06:00:00 In "The End of Victorious," cupcakes Tori tells a little girl that if she doesn't kiss Francis, he will send her to juvie. The little girl runs off, and Robbie has his friend back. Meanwhile, in the b plot, the kids find a school in a paramads app. Andre tries to write a song for Kojizi, but he's constantly distracted by his grandmother's loud delirious outbursts. Eventually, he gets tired of this and storms out. Tori is reading a book while her mom texts Gary and tries to stop her from figuring out what she's doing. Andre comes over and asks if he can write music at their home. Tori gets frustrated and kicks Andre out, causing a rift in their friendship. Around this time, Jade becomes the laughingstock at school because Kat tweeted out that no one should look at the booger photo. She tries to murder her supposed bestie as Beck tries to calm her down. Kojizi listens to the music of the songwriting class, and incidentally, Kojizi is played by a real music producer. Tori begins to sing a song she wrote, but he absolutely hates it. Andre tries to finish the song, but
  • 06:05:00 In this episode of Victorious, Jade tells Tori about the new reality show Brain Squeezers, which is supposed to be the next big thing. Tori becomes stressed because literally everyone at school has been bugging her to pick them for her squeezer team. Tori becomes determined to pick her own team, and after some deliberation decides on Sinjin, Trina, and Kat as her team captain and opponent. The game is rigged in Sinjin's favor, and after Tori answers a question incorrectly, her team is given points and she is doinked.
  • 06:10:00 In this video, the host discusses how he plans to rank the ships of Victorious, based on his own personal head canons. He clarifies that he is no longer interested in high school relationships, as he is now past college age.
  • 06:15:00 The video discusses the ships in "Victorious," as if pitching a one-season reboot. Ten years later, the gang reunites and decides to make a creator house. There is a baby to make the network happy, and 13 episodes are produced. Ariana Grande is too busy to star in the reboot, but a cat light version is possible. Other interesting pairings include Jaden and Quinton, Beck and Jade, and Britta and Troy. If these relationships are not maintained, then the ships will be destroyed. Ariana Grande is not available for a full season, so the two ships will be "just friends" for the rest of their lives.
  • 06:20:00 The following is a transcript of a YouTube video titled "The End of Victorious" followed by a 1-paragraph summary of the ship between Robbie and Cat. Robbie and Cat are a popular ship in the show, but their relationship is seen as boring and predictable by some viewers.
  • 06:25:00 The author proposes a scenario in which Robbie gives Rex to Tory after their graduation, and Rex later "gains a presence" in Tory's mind. He suggests giving Rex a "pink string" to symbolize his affections.
  • 06:30:00 The video discusses the possible Victory Reboot and how it would affect various ships on the board. The video discusses how Tori and Jade are a perfect match and would make the original series make more sense if they were canon.
  • 06:35:00 In this segment, YouTube user "TheBrain2" reviews the characters in the Victorious reboot and categorizes them into three categories: those who believe in climate change, those who do not believe in climate change, and those who are undecided. He also explains why each character falls into their respective category.
  • 06:40:00 The video discusses the characters in "Victorious" and their beliefs on climate change. Cat is non-believer and is skeptical of climate change being real, while Andre, Beck, Jade, and Sinjin are all believers. Lane is in the middle, and Alex's grandmother is also a believer. Cat's brother is a Twitch streamer and a supervillain, who believes in climate change for clout or to help him take over a certain area. There are still some unanswered questions about Cat's brother, such as whether or not he is still in the present or if he is a cannibal.
  • 06:45:00 This episode of "Victorious" follows the cast as they compete to get more followers on a social media site that will be shutdown in a year. Tori unsuccessfully tries to find her friends and rivals, and everyone becomes obsessed with beating each other.
  • 06:50:00 In this episode, the kids discuss Tori's upcoming performance of the national anthem, and Cat reveals that he is homeless. Later, the gang gathers at Tori's house to watch her sing live. Tori's mother tries to sabotage her performance by feeding her the wrong lyrics.
  • 06:55:00 The final episode of Victorious features a performance of the song "American Boys." Tori bares her soul about her experience with the finale of American Idol, and reveals that it's an in-universe parody of the show. The episode ends with Tori and her friends discussing her career past Victorious.

07:00:00 - 08:00:00

The "End of Victorious" video series discusses the reasons why the show was cancelled, and provides evidence that suggests the finale was planned from the beginning. It also discusses the possible reasons why the show's fan base is divided.

  • 07:00:00 The final episode of "The End of Victorious" is released, and it is a pretty fun one. However, there are some exceptions, such as the weird parts.
  • 07:05:00 Victorious didn't have a finale because of Nickelodeon's shifting priorities and the network's reluctance to spend money on an "epic" finale for a show that was in decline. A graduation episode could have served as a finale, but the show avoided conventional sitcom cliches by executing a non-conformist finale that works best if watched in order.
  • 07:10:00 The final episode of Victorious was not aired in the order it was filmed, and contains references to previous episodes. The production order of the final five episodes reveals that the episode where Cat realizes she has a crush on Robbie was intended to air near the end of the season.
  • 07:15:00 The "Victorious" finale aired on YouTube, and some viewers were unhappy with the final product. The final episode of "Victorious" would have involved the cast realizing that a secondary character is more popular than them in the real world, and having mental breakdowns that are so destructive that the secondary character comic relief lap dog snaps and tells them all they're terrible people. This hypothetical finale is better than the one that was aired, and it's worth asking what an actual victorious finale would be like.
  • 07:20:00 In the Victoria Justice universe, things end poorly for the main characters. Megan doesn't exist, Trina takes her place, and all the same problems happen to a non-white woman in the royal family. Robbie finally says goodbye to Rex, finds love with Cat, and Sin Gin becomes a billionaire.
  • 07:25:00 The video discusses why Victorious ended, and provides evidence that suggests the show was ending around the same time Cat was added to the Sam pilot, and that the finale was planned from the beginning.
  • 07:30:00 The video discusses the differences between the successes and failures of two Nickelodeon shows, "ICarly" and "Victory." "ICarly" was almost perfect, but after that it became unwatchably bad. Meanwhile, "Victory" showed incredible growth throughout its run, but was never given the chance to act on that growth. As a result, "Victory" was cancelled, while "ICarly" continued on for 67 episodes.
  • 07:35:00 The video discusses the ending of Victorious, and why it wasn't a successful show. It also discusses the possible reasons why the show's fan base is divided.
  • 07:40:00 The video covers the careers of several actors after the end of the TV show "Victorious." Sam and Cat, roommates in the show, start an babysitting service. Ariana Grande, who played Victoria Justice, has a successful pop career, but her acting career ends after the show. Daniella Monet, who playedvictoria's sister, has a successful acting career, but her relationship with Victorious' creator may have caused her to lose some of her previous popularity.
  • 07:45:00 Danielle monet, one of the few cast members of Nickelodeon's hit show, "Victorious," has had a surprisingly normal career post-show. Eric Lange, Matt Bennett, Liz Gilley, and Daniella monet all have similarly normal careers, despite Victorious ending in 2013. Victoria justice, on the other hand, is still mysterious to many. She was supposed to release an album, but it never happened. She has since had creative differences with her record company.
  • 07:50:00 The video discusses Victorious singer Victoria Justice's recent history, including her quitting music at the same time as ariana Grande's success. It argues that this is a coincidence, and that Justice's music is mostly all right. It also talks about eric Michael Reed, who is best known for voicing Phineas in the Phineas and Ferb cartoon. Reed's best friend is Vincent Martella, who voices Phineas' sidekick Ferb. Justice and Martella are roommates, and if Victorious were to be rebooted, Reed would be one of the few people who would know about it.
  • 07:55:00 The "End of Victorious" video series discusses some of the personal successes that the creator has experienced since escaping from the Nsu, while also providing a cautionary tale of one of the failures. A few weeks after the videos were posted, the creator received an email from a person who had a copy of Garfield Labyrinth in their living room. Another success was the person who helped connect the creator with artist Andrew.

08:00:00 - 08:00:00

Darsan Solomon, the creator of the YouTube channel Victorious, has announced that he will be taking a break for a month. In a 10-hour retrospective video, he looks back on some of his most popular videos, including a Garfield video. He encourages people to subscribe to his channel and to support content creators.

  • 08:00:00 The video is a 10-hour long retrospective of Darsan Solomon's YouTube channel, Victorious. It covers various videos, including a Garfield video that was specifically mentioned. Darsan plans to take a break for a month, and then resume streaming. He also encourages people to subscribe to his channel and to talk to their friends about supporting content creators.

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