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The presenter in this video discusses the ten best men's fragrances for 2023. All of the fragrances mentioned are high-quality and will last long. However, the most expensive fragrance on the list is Creed's Prices. The presenter also discusses the best hot weather fragrance, which is Deutsche Gabbana's Light Blue Intense.

  • 00:00:00 The 10 best men's fragrances for 2023 are Tom Ford Noir Extreme, Hermes H24, Armani Code Perform, Ventus, Creed's Prices, Juventus, Prodalone, and Bergamot, Apple, Birch, and Pineapple scents. All of these fragrances are high-quality and will last long, although Creed's Prices is the most expensive.
  • 00:05:00 In this video, the presenter discusses the ten best men's fragrances of 2023. Some of the scents discussed include Tom Ford's ombre leather perfume, Givenchy's Gentleman Reserve, and Joe Perfumo's Aqua di Gio. All of these scents are recommended for men, as they are not for teenagers or boys. Additionally, the presenter discusses the opposite end of the spectrum, with Deutsche Gabbana's Light Blue Intense being the best hot weather fragrance.

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