Summary of Historia de los Santos niños mártires Tlaxcaltecas

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This video tells the story of the Tlaxcalteca people, who are known for their martyrs. The video tells the story of four of them: Cristóbal, Antonio, Juan, and Bartolomé. They were all killed for their beliefs, and their bodies were thrown into a ravine.

  • 00:00:00 The Tlaxcalteca people are known for their martyrs, and this video tells the story of four of them: Cristóbal, Antonio, Juan, and Bartolomé. Hernán Cortés and two priests, Fray Bartolomé de Olmedo and Father Juan Diaz, came to Tlaxcala in 1519 and began evangelizing the nobles there. Five years later, on May 13, 1524, the Franciscans arrived in San Juan de Ulúa (present-day Veracruz), and within five years had evangelized all of central Mexico. In 1543, Copal, the diocese's seat, was moved to Puebla, but the diocese was renamed Diocese of Tlaxcala in 1903 and has retained that name to this day. Cristóbal and his family were among the first to convert to Christianity in Tlaxcala and he was soon preaching and baptizing others. His father and other family members were afraid for him, but Cristóbal refused to drink alcohol or worship idols and was eventually martyred for his beliefs. His father had him buried in a room in his home, and when Fray Andrés de C
  • 00:05:00 The video tells the story of Antonio Juana and his brothers Cristobal and Juan, who were martyrs in Tlaxcala, Mexico. Their father was a senator and their mother was a servant. Antonio and Cristobal were baptized in the first Franciscan school in Tlaxcala in 1524. Juan was baptized a year later. In 1528, Bernardino of Minaya, who was going to evangelize Oaxaca, asked Father Martin de Valencia if he could take some of the children with him. Martin refused, but Antonio and Juan offered to go. They were willing to die for Christ, and Martin accepted them. The children began to collect and destroy idols in the towns of Tecali and Paul. When the local Native Americans discovered them, they were angry and killed them with clubs. Their bodies were thrown into a ravine, and they were found a few days later and taken to Tepeaca. There they were deposited in a church, where they were given a Mass. The video ends with the children being loaded onto a cart and taken to Oaxaca, where they began to evangelize. The locals became angry and killed them. Their bodies were thrown into a ravine, where they

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