Summary of The Sims 4: ALL ABOUT WEREWOLVES! (Unlockable Abilities)

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The "Werewolf Abilities" video in The Sims 4 explores the unlockable abilities for werewolves, including the "Pack Howl" and "Curse Bearer" abilities. The video also discusses the "Legacy of the Lycan" ability and the "Werewolf Mentorship" ability.

  • 00:00:00 The new occult in The Sims 4, werewolves, have their own skill tree and ranking system with 5 ranks, two types of abilities, and the ability to scavenge for treasures. In this video, we look at all of the unlockable abilities for werewolves, their general characteristics and how to become werewolves.
  • 00:05:00 The "Werewolf Abilities" video explores the unlockable abilities for werewolves in The Sims 4. Among the abilities unlocked are the "Pack Howl" and "Curse Bearer" abilities, which allow werewolves to curse and bite Sims, respectively. Other abilities include the "Super Speed" and "Alpha Wolf" abilities, which let werewolves run and fight faster, and the "Tunneler" and "Primal Instincts" abilities, which allow werewolves to activate their primal instincts and improve their werewolf diplomacy skills, respectively. The video also discusses the "Legacy of the Lycan" ability, which transforms one ability point into 250 satisfaction points, and the "Werewolf Mentorship" ability, which allows werewolves to mentor Sims in becoming werewolves.
  • 00:10:00 The "werewolf menace" ability can be unlocked by performing ferocious intimidation or vicious howl on a sim who is already scared while they're below maximum fury. With this ability unlocked, when they do those interactions again, they'll gain this special playful moodlet. While it's active, their fun need gain will double. The "werewolf empathy" ability can be unlocked once you've reached the delta rank in a werewolf pack. This ability lets you pacify other werewolves. Doing this will reduce any fury the werewolf has back to 0. This can also be used on rampaging werewolves to calm them down instantly and stop their rampage. The same werewolf cannot be pacified again for a while.

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