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This video describes how to improve reaction speed by using visualization. It is based on the idea that the same areas of the brain are activated when athletes are actually performing an action and when they are just visualizing the action. By visualizing themselves in a competitive environment, athletes can train their brains to use the same pathways for their gaming experience as in real life.

  • 00:00:00 Visualization can help improve reaction speed, memory, and focus. It is a technique that is often used by elite athletes. Researchers have found that when athletes visualize themselves performing specific actions, the same areas of the brain that are activated when they are actually performing the action are light up. This technique can be used to prepare for an intense ranked game or tournament, by immersing yourself in the competitive environment through your imagination, and focusing on all five senses.
  • 00:05:00 This 1-minute video provides tips on how to improve reaction speed, by calming down and focusing on your breathing, while practicing visualization. Results show that after just two weeks of practicing, athletes showed improvements in reaction time more than seven times those who did not use visualization. Use of visualization before or after games depends on the goal, but the benefits are worth it.
  • 00:10:00 This video describes how to improve reaction speed by imagining things that would happen before a game starts, such as hearing your coach or teammates talking. By imagining these things in realistic detail, you can train your brain to use the same pathways for your gaming experience as in real life, which can make difficult skills automatic and accurate. If you're aspiring to be a professional gamer, investing a few minutes per day into visualization training can help you achieve your goals.

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