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In the video, Fabio tells the story of how Diana finally married Teodoro without having to worry about whether she was good enough for him or not. Thanks for watching!

  • 00:00:00 In the 1618 play El perro del hortelano, the dog is the caretaker of the garden and is not vegetarian. The plot revolves around the condesa's love for her secretario, Theodor, and the difficulties she has in expressing her love for him. Meanwhile, other characters in the play pursue love affairs. In the end, the condesa marries one of her two love interests, Teodoro, andartist reveals her true feelings for Teodoro.
  • 00:05:00 Teodoro is upset that he was rejected by another animal, and he wonders if he made a mistake in choosing Federico or Ricardo as his new master. Teodoro is told that if he prefers Federico more, he should say so. Teodoro is sad when he realizes that he was rejecting Marcela, and he tells her that he'll have to speak to Federico about it. Marcela is upset that she was left out of the reconciliation, and she tells Teodoro that she wants him to acknowledge and say it aloud. Fabio goes to tell Theodore that Ricardo was not the chosen one, and that he'll have to go see Theodore to ask for money in exchange. Teodoro is confused and worried because he feels love for both Marcela and Diana. He tells Marcela that he'll have to let her marry Fabio, and she's hurt and disappointed. Diana tells Ricardo that Teodoro has professed his love for her many times, and he'll keep his promise to marry her. Riccardo and Federico find out that they were both deceived, and they're angry. They decide to hire Tristán to make it seem like they accepted Ricardo as the chosen one. Tr
  • 00:10:00 In this video, Fabio is compromitted to marry Dorotea, and he tells the story of how Diana finally got married to Teodoro without having to worry about whether she was good enough for him or not. I hope you've enjoyed this summary, and thanks for watching until next time!

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