Summary of Your Positioning SUCKS (Easy Fix) - PROVEN Grandmaster Tips to Rank Up - Overwatch 2 Guide

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This video provides tips on how to improve your positioning in Overwatch. It covers the importance of being aware of your surroundings, using high ground to your advantage, and rotating with your teammates.

  • 00:00:00 The video provides tips for positioning as a Healer in Overwatch. The first tip is that mobile healers, such as Lucio, Moira, and Mercy, have more options when it comes to positioning aggressively or dueling enemy Heroes. The second tip is that immobile support Heroes, such as Anna, Baptiste, and Brigitte, have little to no movement abilities that makes positioning quickly a lot more difficult. Therefore, they should mostly be positioning so that their tank is in between the enemies and they. The video also provides a counter to the first tip, where there are some reasons where you don't want to be playing Super far away from your team.
  • 00:05:00 The video provides tips on how to rank up in Overwatch, focusing on positioning. The main points are: You need to be aware of your team's position and position yourself accordingly. When playing as a support, keep an eye on the enemies and be prepared to move quickly to help your team. Rotating with teammates is key for mobility-based supports. High ground can be useful for looking down on enemies and seeing potential routes of retreat. Be careful when playing on high ground as it can be difficult to stay safe from enemy fire.

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