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This video explains the types of pernos and tuercas, how to determine the perno's diameter, and how to use a galvanized perno. This information is useful when selecting a perno for a particular application.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, the different types of pernos and their uses are explained. For example, a perno with a milimeter-sized rosca is suitable for use with dogs whose neck size is smaller than the perno's diameter, while a perno with a inch-sized rosca is suitable for use with dogs whose neck size is larger than the perno's diameter. This information is useful when buying pernos and tuercas, as it allows you to identify the type of rosca and perna on the perno. Additionally, the video explains how to determine the perno's diameter (in inches) from the rosca's diameter (in millimeters). This information is useful when selecting a perno for a particular application, such as a dog collar. Finally, the video demonstrates how to use a galvanized perno with a stainless-steel hub (which is impervious to corrosion and oxidation) or an inoxidable perno (which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation).
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