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The video discusses how the current political situation in Spain is a result of a system that is designed for corruption. It highlights how sedition has been reduced to a crime that only applies to those who deface public property, and how this has allowed the state to create a national and political structure in which to prosper. The goal of the channel is to get the Spanish government to change this by demanding limits on politicians' power.

  • 00:00:00 Yesterday, a new prominent and alarmingly page was written on one of the most shameful and alarming chapters in Spanish history: the politics of Spain, using their prerogatives in which unilaterally establishes the laws of obligatory compliance for all without any feedback, without any limit and control, and citizens can do absolutely nothing to prevent it. A special ad hoc reform was written to allow politicians to commit crimes legally, and this is a very important point that I want to start to clear up: it is not the same thing as a socially and morally reprehensible behavior by the entire society, versus the positive affirmation of that behavior and the pursuit through a code or a law to prevent that people commit it, what would be the penal and criminal laws in this case, and this is very important because it is a clear evidence of widespread capital licentiousness of oligarchy and the Spanish political class has a monopoly absolute to make the normative compendium that applies to all of us, and they can break or modify it to their liking for their trapillerías to make a reform to abolish the deterrence to abolish the penalibility of two types of crimes committed mainly or potentially punishable by the Spanish political class without any moral or social justification. What is even more important is that society still understands completely
  • 00:05:00 These are the reforms that make it impossible for politicians to be prosecuted for crimes in a representative system or with separation of powers like in France, the United Kingdom, or the United States. On the one hand, it would be completely impossible for a president to negotiate these kinds of assaults on his dignity if he had to compete for office through democratic elections. For example, he wouldn't need to bargain any such deals because he would be elected directly by the citizens with a majority absolute. I will keep repeating that what we're seeing are the consequences of a political system designed for corruption, based on a governing majority that is itself corrupt. Until we modify these structures of power, we'll continue to see things like last week's disgraceful assault on sedition--a crime that until now has only carried a sentence of up to 15 years. Now, sedition, which used to be a crime that discouraged officials from acting against an authority or a rule of obligatory compliance for all, is punishable with a sentence of six months to three years. Well, now sedition has been reduced to a crime that only applies to those who deface public property--a crime that is now punishable with a sentence of three to five months.
  • 00:10:00 The video discusses the recent sedition and malversation of funds belonging to unpaid political debts by regional governments, which has led to the use of regional IDs when there is a historical justification, such as in the case of Valencia and Catalonia, or when there is a nationalistic motive, such as in the case of Spanish fascism or German National Socialism. They have taken over national IDs to generate a feeling of nationalism, just as all previous totalitarian regimes have done with fascist or National Socialist ideologies. This has allowed the state to create a national and political structure in which to prosper, which is what we are living in Spain since 1978 uninterruptedly in all regional areas. Politicians' ambition for power has driven them to continually take more and more from the citizens, amounting to 200 billion euros per year, through high taxes and squeezing the people to maintain this unnecessary and inefficient political structure. This ambition is not new--it has been prevalent in the last 40 years, and is what has led to the current tragic and scandalous situation. Politicians have gone as far as reforming crimes to make them possible for politicians to commit them without punishment, and they have done this in response to the creation of autonomous police forces, which were unnecessary and unconstitutional. Education is used to indoctrinate
  • 00:15:00 The video discusses how one can distinguish between political parties by looking at their track records in government. It then goes on to say that the problem with Spain is that there are no mechanisms in place to prevent politicians from doing whatever they want, regardless of what they say in campaign speeches. This is a problem because it allows corruption to thrive and the country's political system to become completely ineffective and inefficient. The channel's goal is to get the Spanish government to change this by demanding limits on politicians' power.

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