Summary of Sorare Game Week 15 Preview

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In this week's Sorare Game Week 15 Preview, Christian Colocal of the Toronto Raptors and PJ Tucker of the Philadelphia 76ers are discussed as top picks. Colocal is projected at 15.9 and Tucker is projected at 14. Two lineups are given, with the first lineup using Josh Giddy and Fred being chosen as the best option for viewers to hopefully win a limited card.

  • 00:00:00 This week's fantasy basketball picks focus on players with caps over 30, with Donovan Mitchell and Dejounte Murray being the top options. Our other top picks include Rudy Gobert and Buddy Hield. For players with caps between 15 and 30, Jalen Johnson is a strong option due to his recent starts for Atlanta. Finally, Walker Kessler is a good pickups for a team tanking, as he is likely to get more playing time as Utah's season disintegrates.
  • 00:05:00 In this week's video, Sorare game week 15 preview, Christian Colocal of the Toronto Raptors is discussed. He has a Kappa of 12 and is projected at 15.9, getting back into the starting rotation when he had fallen out a bit. PJ Tucker of the Philadelphia 76ers is discussed, with a cap of 8 and projected at 14 with two games this week. He is a starter of a team likely to make the playoffs, and is not inflated as a price. Two lineups are given - one with a more balanced approach, using Giannis Valentine's to reach for the second option, and one with Josh Giddy and Fred, taking a more balanced approach. The first lineup, using Josh Giddy and Fred, is chosen to be entered for the viewers to hopefully win a limited card.

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