Summary of The MLM Who Nasa Fell For: Shaklee

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Shaklee is an MLM that has been accused of being a pyramid scheme. The company has a long history, and has been involved in a number of controversies. However, it has also been praised for its achievements.

  • 00:00:00 Shacklee is an MLM that promises better focus and a lower shrinkage rate of your brain if you take their mind works pills. However, there are some concerns about their legitimacy. The company has been around since 1915 and Dr. Shackley is portrayed as a visionary who lived a life ahead of its time. There is a hint of legitimacy to them, but further research is needed.
  • 00:05:00 The author reviews the history of Shaklee, focusing on its founder, Forrest Shaklee. They discuss Shaklee's business model, which takes advantage of its distributors. Shaklee is praised for its achievements, while its founder is praised for his belief in the American Dream and his ability to help others. The book has a bias in favor of Shaklee's business model, and the author states that Shaklee is an example of the American Dream still being alive.
  • 00:10:00 The MLM "Shaklee" is criticized for being a pyramid scheme with first-hand testimonies of people who claim the products worked and changed their lives for the better. However, the company has been promoted by astronauts and has a long history of being respected as a health and wellness brand.
  • 00:15:00 Shackley MLM, founded in 1978, is accused of running a pyramid scheme. Distributors earn very little and are not honest about income.
  • 00:20:00 The MLM Shaklee is discussed in this video, which looks at the company's history, allegations of fraud, and possible involvement of its founder, Shaklee Cranny. Shaklee is accused of using tainted alfalfa to avoid salmonella, and of employing a banned pesticide. The company is also criticized for its lack of transparency, and its founder is accused of being untruthful and neglectful of his employees.
  • 00:25:00 This YouTube video discusses the history of the MLM Shaklee, which went through a number of controversies including a conflict of interest involving Doug Dickey, the director of athletics for the University of Tennessee, and a researcher at Harvard who resigned from the company's board after developing the Vivek supplement. Shaklee survived these scandals and later acquired Bear Creek, a company well known for its fruit baskets. In the 1990s, Shaklee changed a lot of its business and was not completely out of the woods.
  • 00:30:00 The MLM Shaklee is described as a cult-like company that many people have fallen into. The video explains that Shaklee is a pyramid scheme, and that many people are losing money.

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