Summary of Nomenclatura de ALCANOS (paso a paso)

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This video explains how to correctly name an alcano semi-developed hydrocarbon structure. First, the metals are placed in the 2 and 5 positions. Next, the 3 position is filled with an iso propio. Finally, the last two carbon atoms are filled in by adding 3 hydrogen atoms to the last carbon atom in the chain.

  • 00:00:00 In this video, I will explain how to formulate a semi-developed hydrocarbon structure known as an alcano, and begin by using the forms that you see on-screen. The first name is 2003, and the last word is "eta." The main point is to find the last word, which is the name of the hydrocarbon. There are 7 carbon atoms in this component, and we call it a "chain." We put 7 carbon atoms together, and that's what the "terminal" means. It doesn't mean that they're separated by a simple or light line. In one of my videos, you can see how I do it. Now you can ask yourself, "Can I put them in another way?" The answer is yes. If there were 20, I could put 10, and then you're doing it the opposite way. Always start with this one. Next, we need to add hydrogen to fill in the gaps. We do this by adding 2 hydrogen atoms to each carbon atom. This completes the semi-developed hydrocarbon structure. Now we need to fill in the last two carbon atoms. To do that, we add 3 hydrogen atoms to the last carbon atom in the chain, and
  • 00:05:00 In this video, the nomenclatura for alcanos is explained step-by-step. First, two metals are placed in the 2 position, and in the 5 position, remember you can put this down here or up here. It doesn't matter, this is just to make it easy. The space is maintained because we put the metals in the formulario. Next, in the 3 position, there will be an iso propio, and the he made propio is the one with the form of 3 carbon atoms. And in the 3 position, there is another ch3 below. And always appearing to be connected by a normal connection, a small line is drawn. With this, almost finishing is done. One last thing to remember is that the carbon atom always needs to carry four lines, for example, here the line carries one for four. Three are left, this one has three left, this one has two left, and this one has one left. This is the nomenclatura for alcanos: 2 5 3 4 2 1 3 4 2 6 1 3 5 6 Permitir ( Crossing

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